Baba Coffee ~ Carlsbad​ & Delving​ into The New Dishes @ 608 ~ Oceanside

A Saturday two for the price of none.

First up, Baba Coffee has opened its doors making it the second project in the 2700 block of State St. to be completed, Carruth Cellars opened about a month or so ago and Campfire has picked up steam and looks to hit in October.

Baba Coffee is a medium-sized coffee shop serving coffee, about a dozen craft beers, as well as food items ranging from pastries to sandwiches and salads.

608 baba coffee ext

Baba Coffee ~ Situated in front of Carruth Cellars and next to Campfire @ 2727 State St. Carlsbad.

608 baba coffee_

Cold brewed iced coffee and my sad ass phone. I hate my phone and have a very passive aggressive relationship with it, I won’t get rid of it so I’m just abusing it slowly till it dies.

While Baba does not roast their beans, they have done  a great job of  using locally produced products . Their beans and pastries are from Pannikin, bread from Prager Brothers, VG Donuts, and teas from Tea Gallerie.

608 baba coffee int

The color scheme is white with light woods and  Mediterranean blue accents. The palate and the roll-up doors make the location feel spacious and breathable. ( OK that was a sad attempt to not say “light and airy”).

The name Baba refers to a 16th-century Sufi coffee smuggler credited with introducing coffee to India. I was hoping it was referencing Baba Yaga from Slavic folklore but that is just the nerd in me.

If you are looking to grab a coffee and a light breakfast or lunch in Carlsbad I would check them out.

Baba Coffee

2727 State St., Carlsbad

New menu Items @ 608

So, I having recently posted 608’s new menu I decided to go in and try some of the new dishes for lunch. I walked in and was told Chef said I was not allowed to order anything. Willy came out asked “how hungry I was”, I replied starving and the following overeating ensued.

608 pork belly

Cured Pork Belly ~ Cannellini beans, corn, mustard greens, dusted in sumac.608 pork belly2

The one stipulation I had was to try the pork belly, I’m glad I did. This is one of the best pork belly dishes I have eaten. The pork is cold smoked first, then brined. Usually, it is done the other way around. Perfect amount of flavor from the sumac. 5-star dish or in my case 5 content kittens:)

5 cats

(It means “I’m done,  gonna curl up a ball and go to sleep happy)

608 egg

Soft Boiled Egg ~ Potato es puma, potato chips, norinade, seaweeds.

This is a true “Chefs” dish, a great play on textures, flavors, and temperatures. The soft-boiled eggs sleep under the pillow-like structure of the es puma while the potatoes provide crunch and saltiness along with the seaweed.

608 fried chicken

Fried Chicken ~ Local honey, jalapeno, radish , and green onion.

To quote Willy ” you could put that honey on a shoe and it would taste good”. While true The perfectly executed Chicken, crunchy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, as well as the counter balance of heat from the jalapeno and acidity from the raw green onion elevate the dish miles above “shoe level”.

Still, more new things to check out on the menu and reason to return to 608. The new menu items are more true to Willie’s cooking style than the opening menu let on. Psst…sweat breads are coming in the future:)


608 mission Ave., Oceanside.

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