608 & Wine Weirdos Dinner ~ Oceanside

This past Wednesday saw 608 and Wine Weirdos come together and throw a 7-course wine pairing dinner at the restaurant. I have spoken at length on how I love 608 and respect Chef William Eick and how he approaches his craft, so this will be a little shorter recap of the dinner and the wines and dishes featured.


The evening was hosted by Mike of Wine Weirdos, who introduced each pairing during the dinner.


The first course consisted of house made sourdough and cultured butter, this was paired with 2014 Los Pilares Sparkling Muscat.

The wine was bottle fermented and used sustainable grapes, sourced from the local Rincon Indian Reservation. The bread was a good way to go with this as the yeast content of the sourdough stood up against the wine. This was by far my least favorite wine of the evening though.


Salmon, Ikura, natal plum, and local honey. Paired with a 2014 LaMontagne Marshall vineyards Malvasia Bianca.

This was a great dish and pairing. The saltiness of the roe and texture from the salmon skin and pine nuts worked perfectly with the fish. Throw in a bit of sweetness from the plums and everything worked in harmony.


Ahhh, the good stuff. Toro.


The third dish came in with world-class toro, whey, cherry tomato, and beach herbs. Toro is great, as we all know, but the king of this dish was the whey.  The sauce was reduced whey and butter and was lick the plate good. This was paired with a 2013 Deux Punx Sumu Kaw white blend. The wine matched well bringing some acidity and elements of pine with the pairing.


Willy sourced small scallops for the dinner’s fourth dish:)


Scallop, potato espuma, potato chips, and nori salt. Paired with a 2014 Russian River Vinyards Chardonnay.

Another great dish and pairing. The dish is a version of 608’s soft-boiled egg dish that is currently on the menu but substitutes the scallop in place of the egg. I personally like this dish better with the scallop. The sweet tender meat of the scallop hiding under the pillow like potato espuma, with the chips adding texture, works perfectly. The Russian River Chardonnay was also a winner. While I believe it was oak aged, it was not too heavy on that characteristic and was well-balanced with elements of fruit.


Ribeye, corn, mushroom, snail. A really nice dish with sweetness from the corn and earthiness from the mushrooms playing off each other. This was paired with a 2014 Bruce Patch Zinfandel. A nice example of that varietal.

The pictures from the dessert courses did not come out to my liking ( I was pretty deep in wine by this time). Also, there were some technical issues with the dishes and the pairings were hard. So I will just leave it at that.

Another great dinner at 608 and I hope to see more event dinners to come.


608 Mission Ave., Oceanside

Wine Weirdos






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