Herb & Wood ~ San Diego

So, I am wrapping up posts about my dinners while on vacation earlier this month in San Diego. Unfortunately, due to a family death and residence issues that I will be dealing with, new North County posts will be delayed for a while.

Herb & Wood is the latest restaurant, in the long list of restaurant ventures from Brian Malarky. Brian Malarky, if you do not know, was a chef at the Oceanaire here in San Diego when he went on Bravo’s Top Chef. He placed in the finals and used that fame to partner with a local night club mogul to open a series of restaurants. These included Gingham, Gabardine, Burlap, and Herringbone. Riding the wave of success he was everywhere, then that wave crashed. He had to close two locations and reconceptualise another.

That was his past, Herb and Wood is his future. Back to cooking food he loves, and it Shows.

Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent posted about his meal there on his facebook page, raving about it. I took note and when I mentioned to him  I would be in SD for a few days he said I had to go there. I tend to listen to Davin if he recommends a place.

The restaurant is located in San Diego’s Little Italy at 2210 Kettner Blvd. In a large warehouse-like space.


The restaurant’s lovely brick exterior.



The interior is large, it consists of the main room, bar, side lounge area a semi-outdoor patio area and an open kitchen.

The acoustics were good, not too loud, even for such a cavernous space.


The menu is pretty big and contains a lot of veggie options. Everything was pretty reasonably priced for the quality, though proteins can get up there.


Scallops ~ Sea Bean Gremolata, Corn,  Orange & Olive Oil.

Scallops and corn are a great combo. This was a delicious dish.


Grilled Venison Loin ~ Roasted Dates, Sherry, Tyme & California Buttermilk Polenta

Perfectly fire roasted venison. Really nothing else to say everything worked. If I wanted to nit-pick the polenta was nice and creamy but just there. Yet, it did let the Venison (which is the star of the dish) shine.

Service was great as you would expect. Food wise this was the highlight of my trip. Thanks, Davin:)

Herb & Wood

2210 Ketner Blvd., San Diego



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