Cravory Cookies ~ Carlsbad

So, I was contacted by the owners of Cravory Cookies to check out their new Carlsbad location. Getting invited to check out a place is always a mixed bag because if it does not meet the standards of what I put on this site I don’t run the article and I feel bad, albeit for a very short length of time.

I need not have worried about the Cravory, they are exactly the kind of spot I love to highlight. Every aspect of their business and my experience checked all the boxes.


The Cravory started in 2009 as an online cookie business. The very polished web business is still in full swing to this day and can be found Here . In 2014 they opened a Point Loma brick and mortar location. A little over a year ago they opened the second Cravory location in Carlsbad’s Bressi Ranch at 2675 Gateway Rd.


The interior is the kind of design I love ( I love Danish and German interior design to give you an Idea). Simple, clean lines without feeling sterile. The Whites and blues carry over from their logo and are warmed up by light woods throughout.



They serve about 22 different unique cookie flavors at any given time. These are broken down into 12 signature flavors which they always have like, Almond Joyous, Lemon Bar, and Pancakes and Bacon. They also rotate 6 monthly flavors. Some of this month’s flavors were Bananas Foster, Macha Macha, and Pumpkin Spice of course. In addition, they have 4 daily flavors, which are flavors they are trying out to bring on in the future or flavors from past rotations based on what ingredients the bakers have.

Now this is important. They bake all their cookies fresh from scratch on site every day starting about 2 am. You can tell this in the taste and texture of the cookies.


I love the way they display their cookies. This is how you display and sell a premium product.


Great cookie and coffee deal. Oh, and you can sample any flavor cookie you want to. They also have a variety of flavored milk to accompany your cookies.


The cookies I went with, from left to right…Macha Macha (Green Tea), Rosemary Balsamic, and Cookies and Cream Milk Shake. That is a damn fine picture if I do say so myself.

All were fantastic. The Macha Macha is a perfect non-sweet cookie with a nice green tea flavor, the Rosemary Balsamic was a great savory cookie, I would have liked a little more balsamic flavor but I love balsamic, for example, a regular balsamic dressing recipe is a 1 to 3 ratio balsamic to olive oil, I like a 1 to 1 ratio or sometimes I go just all balsamic. Cookies and Cream Milk Shake was a suggestion from the manager Jamie (who is a delightful person). Normally I would not have gone with a sweet flavor but she called it, it was great.

How much did I love the cookies…


I also dropped a half-dozen off to my friends Mario and Ton Ton at Banana Dang! Coffee for a second opinion. Their thoughts?


Nuff said!

If you love cookies ( I only like cookies and I loved these) your head will probably explode.

North County Food is not responsible for any explosion of heads.

The staff was on point too. It was busy, I only had a small window of time to talk with Jamie and take pics before the line was out the door again, but I watched a lot of customer interaction and kudos.

Cravory Cookies

2675 gateway Rd. # 103, Carlsbad

7:30 to 9pm Monday thru Saturday

9:30 to 9pm Sundays


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