Best Pizza and Brew Coming into South O.

Looks like the old motorcycle place at 1636 South Coast Highway has finally found a tenant. Best Pizza and Brew Oceanside will be going in


Picture by Robert Gladden, Seaside District.


1636 South Coast Highway, Oceanside (corner of Coast Highway and Whaley)

I don’t think Privateer and Privateer Marketplace have any worries (they are catty corner to the location.) The pressure will be on Best Pizza and Brew to provide good beer and food, in order to fill the place.

I believe it is the same owners as these two locations…Here

It’s a big enough sandbox, everyone can play.


One thought on “Best Pizza and Brew Coming into South O.

  1. As far as pizza goes there’s nothing to write home about here bland dough minimal portion of meat per slice .tables weren’t wiped clean upon our arrival inspite of five employees on site. Plate return and trash station between two table’s inconvenient location No free non alcoholic refills (who does that theses days)

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