Burgeon Beer Company ~ Carlsbad

One week after its grand opening event, I paid a visit to the new Burgeon Brewing in Carlsbad. A bit easier to spot than your normal warehouse brewery, as it has a  large sign and accent painting on the front of the building and it faces the street.


Walking in, before even getting a chance to appreciate the beer, Burgeon’s decorations are awesome.  Its character provides a tranquil and relaxing feeling that will nicely accompany any beer. With 16 beers on tap, including west coast IPA’s, imperial stouts, and the rare style find grusette, Burgeon boasts a solid varietal range to appeal to the adept San Dieagan drinking public.  With so many appealing options, we relied on our trustful taste buds, and put faith in the friendly beer tender’s recommendations, to make our selections and endeavored on a tour of seven different beer tastings.  From the list below, we tried Sapling, Moo Moo Farm, Thuja, Locally Rooted, Everybody’s Juicin, Noble Miner, and Treevana.


Here is the lineup below, in all its mouthwatering glory.


The Noble Miner (grusette) was described as a low alcohol by volume saison.  The low alcohol content lent this beer a really refreshing, drinkable mouthfeel with just a hint of that farmhouse flavor that’s familiar in your usual saison.  I loved the balance in Sapling (rye amber), you could taste the hops and the malts but one never overpowered the other.  There was a bounty of flavor in the IPA’s, as tropical fruit aromas and flavors jumped out of the glass of Thuja (IPA) and Everybody’s Juicin’ (hazy IPA).  The Moo Moo Farm (milk stout) had a smoky aftertaste, which was surprising for a milk stout.  Those that expect the subtle decadent sweetness of a milk stout could find its dominantly roasty flavor unexpected, but I really enjoyed it.  If Moo Moo Farm sounds familiar, you could probably make the same connection I did once I noticed the N64 sitting so unabashedly under a large TV in the corner of the brewery.  It’s a race course from Mario Kart!  And apparently, the N64, accompanied by Mario Kart, is available to play whenever you want.  So it’s easy to believe that I’ll find myself here in the future, enjoying the awesome ambiance and video games, all while sipping from my Rainbow Road IPA.  I suggest you get here soon and try the experience for yourself.

Burgeon Beer Company

6350 Yarrow Drive, Carlsbad

Words and Photos by  Justin Kunert

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