Sitting Down With A Master ~ Chef Davin Waite ~ Wrench & Rodent

So, I am lucky enough to call Davin a good friend. It has been a while since we have had time to just sit down and talk.While of course we went over personal stuff, because of our shared passion for everything food that subject is going to pop up.


That look says it all:)

While we talked he kindly offered food..


Round 1 of sushi. One of the thing they have been playing around with is salt cured tangerines and oranges. The nigiri closest to the camera is Monchong (deep-sea Pomfret) a by catch fish that Tommy Gomez from Catalina Offshore has been handing off to talented chefs to play around with. It is delicious and topped with a tangerine salt.The tangarines also make an appearance under the salmon. While the sashimi of, I believe, Seabass gets fresh grape tomatoes.

Japan ~ Davin recently spent 12 days in Japan in January. I asked him what the biggest take away was. He said the street food, that is mainly what they ate. While the perception is that it is expensive to eat in Japan, that is really not so unless you go seeking out Starred restaurants, but that is true everywhere. Examples would be eating at a stand up sushi bar at an airport and paying $12 for what in reality would be like $60 worth of sushi. Also we talked about the convenience store food like the 7/11 cheese stuffed pork cutlets and the vending machine corn soup, which are delicious.

Chef wise his one take away was (and I’m paraphrasing) is the concentration on simplicity with great ingredients. No gels, no foams, just detail and refinement.


Sushi round 2 ~ Again the oranges make an appearance via a salt on top of the salmon. it was so good I was dabbing up the excess with my fingers.

Oceanside ~ We talked about the slow season (now) and no matter what the appearance restaurants are feeling it. Luckily now it is a slow down rather than a complete halt. The chance of over saturation in the market (not there yet) and some rumored openings. One will be something we do not have up here yet and two expansions of two great local places, one in North Oceanside, one in south.


Seafood Tonkotsu ~ Traditionaly made with pork Davin’s Tonkotsu is made with fish. He had to work hard to get as much fat and marrow out of the fish to make it work. People have been asking for Tonkotsu at the Whet Noodle, which currently has Shoyu and Miso. So, in true Davin fashion he is bring one on but in his unique way, no pork here:)

So, again this was not an interview just friends catching up and talking about food and restaurants. I am truly blessed to have the people in my life that I do and Davin is one of them.

If you have not eaten at The Whet Noodle or Wrench & Rodent GO NOW.

..or on your night out support any local restaurant, tourist season is over and the locals are what keep everyone going.

The Whet Noodle

Wrench and Rodent

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