And if I can show you, you would never leave her ~ Photo exhibit by Johnny Nguyen

So, Sunday I caught the closing day of “And if I can show you, you would never leave her” a photo exhibit by local photographer Johnny Nguyen capturing his time spent at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock. Shown at Link Soul by Hillstreet Country Club.

The three words I would use to describe the exhibit are Important and poignant and impactful. A lot of people on my social media post and support the protests, I think a good thing is to see this exibit its much more impactful when you see first hand photos in person and talk with the artist about his experience.  If you missed it you are in luck it is moving next to the Vista library.

I’m going to post photos, they are not perfect, for which I am glad as I do not want them to take the place of seeing it in person.





Johnny (right) talking about his photos. One of the eye opening things I learned from talking with Johnny was how the protests had a solid leadership run by tribal elders who made sure the protest was peacefull and meaningful and that most of the “trouble” caused by protesters was in fact done by paid infiltrators sent to disrupt the camp.




This is my favorite piece. A native youth stands on the road near the barricade right before the blizzard hit on his third day there.


A banner calling for the release of Red Fawn a protester who was arrested and charged with attempted murder, the charges were later dropped.


Protesters gather around the Sacred Fire as the Army Corps of Engineers announces they are halting construction of the pipeline. unfortunately we know now this will no longer be the case.





I will post when I get info on the Vista Library leg of the exhibit.

#standingrock #oceanside #art #nodapl

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