Water Bill Dinner @ Cyclops farms ~ Oceanside

SO, before I start, I just wanted to thank the kind people who came up and mentioned they follow the website, it means a lot. A lot of time it feels I am writing into a vacuum. I can look at numbers and trends all day but to hear it in person really is nice, so Thank You.

If you are not familiar with Cyclops Farms, you should be. We are lucky here in Oceanside to have a 2 acre, certified organic farm, in our little town. It is located on Fire Mountain at 1448 avocado Rd. Oceanside. They host a farm stand every Saturday where you can buy the same organic vegetables and fresh flowers being used by local Chefs at restaurants like 608, Wrench and Rodent, LTH, The Millers’s Table, Petite Madeline, and more.

Every month local Chefs get together and host a dinner at the farm called “The Water Bill Dinner” using fresh produce from the farm. This is as farm to table as it gets. Literaly from the ground to your plate. The dinner also features local beer and wine by Chris Lobo of Native Wines.


Farmer Luke Girling working and greeting guests on the way into the dinner.


The Chefs for this evening. Willy of 608, Tae of Biga (who you will be hearing more about in March) and Davin from Wrench and Rodent.


Chefs Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent, Willy Eick of 608, and Tae Dickey of Biga


Just to give you an idea of the al fresco dining setting.


Again true farm to table.




The Chefs prepping the protein for two of the night’s dishes, Opah. The fish, which came from Catalina Offshore Products, is a truly remarkable creature. It is the only warm-blooded fish. They are caught as “by catch” by long line tuna boats and have started to gain popularity here in San Diego thanks mainly to Tommy Gomez of Catalina Offshore and local chefs like Davin and Willy. The fish produces 7 different cuts. Tonight’s were the belly and the loin.


Dish 1 was called “scraps”, Davin wanted to use normally discarded parts of food to make the point about waste and starting to think about utilizing the whole product. Blue Norwegian salmon scraps, cauliflower, romesco, and brocoli stems and leaves, and greens ribs pesto.

A great tasty way to start the evening.


Opah Belly ~ Sorrel, Alyssum (mustard family), radish, and horned melon.

Another great fresh dish that highlighted the beautiful protein.


The first hot dish of the night. Opah loin, carrots, and celery. This was paired wonderfully paired by Chris Lobo with a 2015 Union Sacre Resling.

If you have not had Opah but like Mahi Mahi, Opah is better.

Now we get serious….


Chicken fried filet mignon ~ Charred mixed greens, local honey. Paired with “The Offering” 2013 red blend.

You and me both might ask “why would you deep fry a filet mignon”? After eating it the answer is “because it’s fucking delicious”. This dish was tied for my favorite dish of the night. The beef was tender and perfect medium rare. The sweetness of the honey worked perfectly against the richness of the deep-fried beef. A true winner. The wine again worked well with fruit and balanced tannins.

pasta-1-of-1 Bolognese ~ beef cheek, pork cheek, rib eye, and bone marrow Bolognese over fresh nettle pasta.

My other favorite dish. Pure indulgent meatiness. The pasta was perfect. I was smart enough to hit up chef and take some home which I will be eating for breakfast:) This needed a big wine to stand up to it and Chris poured a Movedra which did the job.

And in true Chef Willy fashion brocoli for dessert…….


Tangerine panna cotta ~ Charred broccoli, and broccoli mascarpone.

Sounds strange, and it was, but all together the flavors worked.

So, there you have it. the next dinner will be in two weeks and feature Chef Daniel from LTH. Tickets are available at the farm stand on Saturdays 8am till 2pm. Stop by pick up some fresh local vegetables and sign up. It’s a win win.

Cyclops Farms



Wrench and Rodent

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