Werewolf and why you should drink here ~ San Diego

So, there a lot of ways I could start this post. I am going to go with the truth.  Beautiful intelligent women who know the menu and can make a kick ass drink …please son.


I’m the ugly one:)

I make it a point to hit up Werewolf every time I am in downtown SD.  It has been a month..the bartender knew  me.

If you know me I do not fuck around these guys are in the top 10%. I think the secret is love what you do. I also met the manager..again strong intelligent person. I was actually humbled …like crap out of my depth.

You know the phrase “bought the T-shirt” I did

and drinks…


The Stormtrooper..just because it is called the Stormtrooper. Actually really good and a bit bitter.


This is what from this point on every whiskey sour is held up against..good luck:)


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