A Tale of Two Pigs. The Pork Chop @ Belching Beaver Tavern ~ Vista

That title is the exact kind of writing I hate, but this not going to be a post about The restaurant. Mainly just the pork chop. There are plenty of articles on the Belching Beaver here if you just search the name, which I suggest if you have not discovered this great restaurant.

So, after being in the hospital for a few days and then pretty much in bed for three, I was finally feeling well enough to venture out. I wanted comfort food and mine is a perfect pork chop.

Now, usually I go to The Flying Pig in Vista. Their pork chop is what I hold all others against. Lately though I have had more of Chef Ramiro’s food at The Belching Beaver. I know he is a great chef, I covered their opening and more recently some beer pairing dinners at his restaurant. After those dinners I was like ” I have not even scratched the surface and must return.

So, I thought tonight for my pork chop fix let me break tradition and try Belching Beaver’s.

pork chop (1 of 1)

Apple Butter Pork Chop ~ house butchered White Marble Farms seasoned chop topped with house made savory apple butter. served with cauli-mash and the farm fresh vegetable of the day.

Perfectly cooked pork served medium as asked. it had a perfect char. Could not ask for more out of the protien.  The cauli-mash was better than any potato mash I have everhad.

We have to talk about the apple butter. At first I tasted it and thought it was gonna be too sweet because pork is a sweeter meat. It wasn’t, it worked perfectly. Every element just complimented the other one. The only let down were the bitter greens.  I get the thought behind the bitter element up against the rest of the dish, they just did nothing for me. Slight complaint its like saying “That sunset was a little to pretty.”

I highly recommend either The Belching Beaver’s or The Flying Pig’s pork chop. Ordered medium:)

Different takes on an insanely tasty, and perfectly executed dish.

The Belching Beaver Tavern & Grill

The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen


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