Re-visit report: Panca Peruvian Cuisine & Rotisserie ~Oceanside

So, while it has only been about a year since my last visit to Panca (that’s pretty good for me with my schedule.) I wanted to stop by and try some of the dishes I have passed over during my previous visits. The thing I love about Peruvian food is that it truly is a “fusion” cuisine. In addition to the variations of flavors and ingredients based on geography and family tradition, you see the influences of Peru’s diverse cultural make up. “Peruvians view themselves as a racially mixed people: a “half indigenous, a third European, a sixth African and one part Asiatic”. Add to that the creativity of a talented Chef like Ioli and you get great Peruvian staples through an exciting lens.

I dragged my friend Chef Beau Bonham along for the meal. I learned he had not been to Panca so, this was going to be a treat for him to experience it and me to have someone along with another strong pallet to “food nerd” out with.

fish (1 of 1)

Tiradito ~ Fresh fish slices with a Peruvian yellow pepper lime sauce, Rocoto and Aji limo.

This along with the Wonton scallops are a must have dish when visiting for me. Unlike Ceviche the fish is not marinated in citrus. It is raw with the sauce added right before service. The freshness of the fish is highlighted against the citrus and heat from the sauce. It is quite spicy and will quickly catch up with you.

chicken (1 of 1)

Aji De Gallina ~ Chicken in creamy spicy sauce made with Parmesan, Peruvian yellow pepper, and walnuts, served over a bed of potato and a side of Peruvian white rice.

This was my first time trying this dish and both of us agreed it was the star of the meal. The sauce, while reminiscent of a curry is something unique. It has a body to it which we guessed was probably from slowly introducing parmesan into it while cooking.

potato (1 of 1)

Ocopa ~ Homemade Peruvian spicy sauce, Ocopa is made with Huacatay (black mint), peanuts, animal crackers and Peruvian yellow pepper, over a bed of potato.

Another fantastic interesting sauce. Thick with a mild bitterness or earthy quality. The closest comparison would be a mole sauce. The dish is Served chilled over boiled potatoes. This is an appetizer and like all her appetizers is easily sharable.

dessert (1 of 1)

Alfajores ~ Two short bread cookies with “manjarblance” (dulce de leche) in the middle; then topped with powdered sugar.

Beau insisted on getting their famous Alfajores. If you want a perfect example of how a text-book short bread is supposed to be, this is it. Perfectly light and flaky.

What a great meal, I’m glad I took the time to re-visit them. I whole handedly believe Panca is the best Peruvian food in San Diego County. Q’ero gets more attention (and is good) but Panca is a notch above and slightly less expensive.

Panca has future expansions in the works Here.

Panca Peruvian Cuisine & Rotisserie

1902 South Coast Highway, Oceanside

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Gelato-Go Coming to Downtown Oceanside

Gelato-Go a small franchise chain with 6 locations in Florida is coming to downtown Oceanside. Their Florida locations have great reviews. Their Gelato runs $4 to $6 depending on size. They also serve coffee and pastries. The location is next to American Deluxe Barber Shop across from Barrel Republic on the 101 in Oceanside.

They are doing a full build out, not just putting in a fridge case and some shelves like the other short-lived gelato location.

Rumor has it Baked Bear is also looking for a spot downtown (Ice cream and cookies). So, summer should have plenty of options for cold treats.



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DOH! Gourmet Cookie Dough ~ North County (soon to be everywere)

So, DOH! Gourmet Cookie Dough is made by Chef Annalise Brolaski and Nick Hart, right here in North County. They have created an amazing vegan and gluten-free cookie dough.


Annalise and Nick

Unlike the vast majority of gluten-free cookie products it has an incredible taste and texture. Unless you were told it was vegan and gluten free you would not know.


Prepared DOH! cookies. It is also great straight out of the tub raw,baked, or baked and then chilled in the fridge. You can also get baked, bake, and then chill, it’s a fourth option. I have had it three of those four ways and raw and baked then chilled are my favorites.

A little about Chef Annalise. I met her while looking for a third chef for an all dessert dinner I was putting together. At that time she was a pastry cook at Cucina Enoteca. She was extremely talented and impressive. At the age of 20 this is what she produced for the dessert dinner.


Annalise’s Dish for the dessert dinner~ Citrus Shortbread, Strawberry Grand Marnier Sauce, Honey Comb, Basil (red local basil which is incredible), Meyer Lemon Curd, Strawberry Honey Sorbet, Local Bee Pollen.

See what I mean?

Shortly after that she dropped out of the cooking scene for a while (which sucked because she had a lot to add to the culinary world and in my opinion was far from done.) She reemerged briefly doing some incredible deserts for Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub and starting her own company Deep Sea Desserts. Then as my friend Chef Beau put it when DOH! appeared “Yeah, those guys disappeared for a bit, went and had some kind of retreat / brainstorming in Hawaii and came back killing it.”. I do not know how accurate that is but it makes for a great story, and I like it so I’m sticking with that as to what caused the catalyst, because killing it is exactly what they have been doing.

They launched around October with the product and 2 months later can be found at Both Frazier Farms locations (Oceanside and Vista), Cream of The Crop in Oceanside, Carlsbad Ranch Market, Seaside Market (Cardiff), and soon, Specialty Produce. That is an insane amount of distribution for a start up. If they do not achieve national distribution in a year, I would be surprised. Their main hurdle is going to be production, the product and packaging are already there.


The DOH! stand at the Leucadia Farmers Market. (You can also find then at the Encinitas farmers Market.) They tend to sell out so get there early. I believe you can email them in advance to have an order ready for you.


Product ready for sale.

So, there you have it a local success story that is nowhere near done. Go, buy, support, eat, enjoy. Great gifts or for Holiday entertaining.

If you are a cafe or restaurant and want to add a great Vegan / Gluten free, easy to prepare option, trust me it is better than what you are currently buying and serving and it works out to about $.20 some odd cents per cookie at the wholesale price.


Available at Frazier Farms, Seaside Market, Cream Of The Crop, Carlsbad Ranch Market, Leucadia and Encinitas Farmers Market, and coming soon to Specialty Produce.

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Banana Dang! Coffee adds Cravory Cookies ~ Plus Milk & Cookies Wednesdays

One of my favorite coffee shops has started selling the best cookies in the cookieverse.

Banana Dang! Coffee, 115 South Coast Highway, is now selling incredible and unique cookies by San Diego’s Cravory Cookies.


They will carry a rotating array of unique flavors.

In addition, every Wednesday is Milk & Cookies Day. Buy a Latte get a free cookie all day long (while supplies last).


Milk & Cookie Wednesdays at Banana Dang!



Banana Dang! Coffee

115 South Coast Highway, Oceanside

7am till 5pm Daily

Cravory Cookies ~ Carlsbad

So, I was contacted by the owners of Cravory Cookies to check out their new Carlsbad location. Getting invited to check out a place is always a mixed bag because if it does not meet the standards of what I put on this site I don’t run the article and I feel bad, albeit for a very short length of time.

I need not have worried about the Cravory, they are exactly the kind of spot I love to highlight. Every aspect of their business and my experience checked all the boxes.


The Cravory started in 2009 as an online cookie business. The very polished web business is still in full swing to this day and can be found Here . In 2014 they opened a Point Loma brick and mortar location. A little over a year ago they opened the second Cravory location in Carlsbad’s Bressi Ranch at 2675 Gateway Rd.


The interior is the kind of design I love ( I love Danish and German interior design to give you an Idea). Simple, clean lines without feeling sterile. The Whites and blues carry over from their logo and are warmed up by light woods throughout.



They serve about 22 different unique cookie flavors at any given time. These are broken down into 12 signature flavors which they always have like, Almond Joyous, Lemon Bar, and Pancakes and Bacon. They also rotate 6 monthly flavors. Some of this month’s flavors were Bananas Foster, Macha Macha, and Pumpkin Spice of course. In addition, they have 4 daily flavors, which are flavors they are trying out to bring on in the future or flavors from past rotations based on what ingredients the bakers have.

Now this is important. They bake all their cookies fresh from scratch on site every day starting about 2 am. You can tell this in the taste and texture of the cookies.


I love the way they display their cookies. This is how you display and sell a premium product.


Great cookie and coffee deal. Oh, and you can sample any flavor cookie you want to. They also have a variety of flavored milk to accompany your cookies.


The cookies I went with, from left to right…Macha Macha (Green Tea), Rosemary Balsamic, and Cookies and Cream Milk Shake. That is a damn fine picture if I do say so myself.

All were fantastic. The Macha Macha is a perfect non-sweet cookie with a nice green tea flavor, the Rosemary Balsamic was a great savory cookie, I would have liked a little more balsamic flavor but I love balsamic, for example, a regular balsamic dressing recipe is a 1 to 3 ratio balsamic to olive oil, I like a 1 to 1 ratio or sometimes I go just all balsamic. Cookies and Cream Milk Shake was a suggestion from the manager Jamie (who is a delightful person). Normally I would not have gone with a sweet flavor but she called it, it was great.

How much did I love the cookies…


I also dropped a half-dozen off to my friends Mario and Ton Ton at Banana Dang! Coffee for a second opinion. Their thoughts?


Nuff said!

If you love cookies ( I only like cookies and I loved these) your head will probably explode.

North County Food is not responsible for any explosion of heads.

The staff was on point too. It was busy, I only had a small window of time to talk with Jamie and take pics before the line was out the door again, but I watched a lot of customer interaction and kudos.

Cravory Cookies

2675 gateway Rd. # 103, Carlsbad

7:30 to 9pm Monday thru Saturday

9:30 to 9pm Sundays


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