Top Choice Fish Market & Eatery ~ Carlsbad

Top Choice Fish Market & Eatery has opened recently at 6118 Paseo Del Norte in Carlsbad. Located next to Tip Top Meats the Top Choice Fish shares the same owners as the famous butcher shop and German market.

sign (1 of 1)

The interior is simple and clean as one would expect from a fish market. It is divided into two sides. The retail market and the eatery.

eatery (1 of 1)

The eatery.

case (1 of 1)

The fish case.

The quality of ingredients is apparent. Perfect flesh and also perfect butchery. All fish are provided by San Diego’s very own Catalina Offshore Products.

They also have a selection of whole fish. Every fish I saw head the clearest eyes.

fish (1 of 1)

The one at the bottom of the middle row looks pissed.

In addition they carry shellfish as well as a freezer case of other items like fish heads.

Taking a note from the butchery next store Top Choice Fish offers consumers the opportunity to buy 8oz cuts of fish and have it cooked and paired with two sides for cost of purchase plus $5. This what I came here for.

opah (1 of 1)

I selected a beautiful piece of Opah for my lunch.

opah plate (1 of 1)

Opah, grilled medium rare with coleslaw, Spanish rice, and a small salad

opah rare (1 of 1)

Perfect medium rare, as asked for.

They offer a number of cooking styles and bastes. You could have Salmon fried fish and chips if so desired. In addition a selection of seafood gumbos, and chowders are also able to be purchased.

The prices vary by choice of fish but my Opah plate came to about $15. I was happy with that. The quality of product and cooking would stand up to any restaurant kitchen worth their weight. The sides were a let down, not bad just OK. Because it is a market there is no sales tax on most items.

The fishmongers were on point but the staff, though nice, was still a little bit green. I noticed a few order mistakes, which were quickly and appropriately handled. All in all a great lunch.

There is now North County access to the same great seafood products used by San Diego’s best Chefs. Now just because you have a paint brush does not mean you are gonna be Picasso, but at least now you have a really good paint brush.


I drew a Opah.

Top Choice Fish Market & Eatery

6118 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad

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Irina’s Bar and Grill ~ Oceanside

großes deutsches Lebensmittel!

Irina’s bar and Grill is a medium-sized bar located at 3375 Mission Ave. in the valley in Oceanside. It boasts a fairly modest exterior and a nice, clean interior with a long “L” shaped bar, plenty of seating and two pool tables. Nothing that really distinguishes it from plenty of other local bars…except for the food.


You see, Irina’s has a secret weapon, great German food. They have a regular bar menu as well but that’s not why I come here. I come here because good German food is hard to find.I used to travel the U.S. with work and my boss Marc was from Germany. It was our goal to track down any German restaurants we could find coast to coast. They were few and far between. The best we found was in LA, it is no longer around and I can not remember the name. We have Tip Top but I think Irina’s edges them out slightly.


I started with a Bitberger on tap and a half order of Currywurst.



Currywurst ~ Sliced bratwurst topped with a curry tomato sauce.

Good quality brats topped with a slightly sweet tomato curry served with very nice french fries.


GESCHNETZELTES VOM SCHWEIN ~ pork ragout in mustard cream sauce w/ honey, pickle + green bell pepper, served w/ sautéed spätzle.

I love Spatzle, this was a good dish. It could have used a touch more seasoning but I ate every bite. Everything is very reasonable the most expensive dish on the German menu is the Jagershnitzel at $12.50 and its huge.


The huge Jagerschnitzel from a previous visit.

If you’re looking for some different bar fare I would highly suggest checking them out.

They open at 4pm weekdays, noon Saturdays, and 9:30 am Sundays. On yelp you will hear “Sketchy Neighborhood” it not, its fine, I swear you would think no one has ever been to a major city in their life time. They see one homeless person and lose their shit.

Irina’s Bar and Grill

3375 Mission Ave. Oceanside

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Tip Top Meats ~ Carlsbad

I love German food and cannot believe I have not posted about Tip Top Meats, it is a local institution. If you are unfamiliar with Tip Top, first I would be surprised, and then I would tell you you’re in for a treat.


Tip Top Meats ~ 6118 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad.

Tip Top Meats opened in Carlsbad in 1967. It is a world-class butcher shop, old school butcher shop at that, no guys in their 20’s in plaid shirts, beards and waxed mustaches, just professional butchers in white aprons and lots of meat.


Let’s play a game. Can you match the names to the pictures? Hipster Butcher , German Butcher, and English Butcher. I mixed them up to make it harder 🙂

(I am not saying you can not be a good butcher and a hipster, I am saying you are trying to hard.)


Tip Tops Meat Department.


They also sell wild game. Venison and Boar among others, in a variety of cuts.

In addition to the butcher shop, Tip Top has a large deli, a market featuring many German products, and a beer and wine section. There is also a diner style restaurant featuring a great selection of German dishes.


Said market. I always leave with Red Cabbage and something new I have not tried.


Many German beers and wines to choose from.


The diner serves breakfast, deli sandwiches, dinners, and prime rib after 4pm Friday through Sunday. Where they shine though are their German specialties, like Sauerbraten, German sausages, and Rostbraetl.

When I used to travel the US with work, my boss Marc was German and we used to track down German restaurants across the country. On the west coast Tip Top, Chalet Edelweiss in L.A., and for fun and lots of drinking, Hofbrauhaus in Vegas were among our favorites.


Rostbraetl ~ Pork Butt  marinated in salt, pepper, spicy mustard, onions, and beer. Hot German potato salad, sauerkraut, and red cabbage.

Delicious, simple and filling.

If you have not had German food Tip Top is a great place to try some authentic German dishes and at a great price. My dish above was $8.89.

Also in Oceanside, Irina’s in the Valley is a German-owned bar that features a few German dishes, though I say Tip Top has the edge in selection and quality due to the butcher shop.

Post about bars that includes Irina’s Here.

Tip Top Meats

6118 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad

6am till 8pm daily (dinner served all day long)

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