Living Tea’s Monthly Pancake Breakfast ~ Oceanside

This Sunday was Living Tea’s monthly pancake breakfast. If you are not familiar with Living Tea Brewery, they are a kombucha Brewery and tap-room located in Oceanside at 302 Wisconsin Ave. If you have had Kombucha at a local bar or restaurant there is a good chance it was one of theirs.

Living Tea (1 of 1)

The Breakfast starts.

Each 3rd Sunday of the month they throw a Pancake breakfast from 10 am till noon. The breakfast is donation base allowing you to pay what you can or thinks fair. All proceeds go to local charities. They do these events as a thank you to their supporters and to help strengthen the sence of community in the area.

I have been wanting to attend one and was able to on the 19th.

puppies (1 of 1)

Puppies! The event is kid and dog friendly.

I arrived right at 10 so I could say hi. There were probably 10 people when it started and around 25ish when I left about 10:45 but its a fluid event where people come and go throughout the 2 hours.

In addition to the pancakes they also serve coffee and kombucha during the breakfast. The coffee is included with your donation or lack there of if you can not afford it. Not sure about the kombucha I did not get any. Though I have had it many times and have included it in some of my Chef dinner events.

pouring (1 of 1)

Pancake master (1 of 1)

The Pancake Master. I should have asked his name but Pancake Master is a pretty good nickname.

toppings (1 of 1)

Accoutrements for the pancakes ~ Bananas, apples, and oranges.

I went with apples and bananas.

Pancakes (1 of 1)

See told you I went with apples and bananas. Spiralina, gluten-free, organic pancakes with said bananas and apples plus chia hearts.

The pancakes were light, moist, and fluffy with a slightly crisp exterior. The batter was made with coconut oil which gave them their moisture. The fruit and the chia hearts were a great accompaniment.


open mike (1 of 1)

They also host open mic for musicians and singers to play during the breakfast. I did not catch this performers name but she was good. The boys from Living Tea / Barnwell Shift (that is their band) jumped in to accompany her.

I really like the thought behind these breakfasts and the food ain’t bad either:) I would highly recommend checking one out.

Living Tea

302 Wisconsin Ave. Oceanside

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Things To Do This Weekend In Oceanside.

Saturday ~ After waking up from you Saint Patrick’s Day exploits, head to Masters Kitchen and Cocktail for brunch featuring dishes like…

Masters Chicken and Waffles (1 of 1)

Chef Richardi’s upscale take on Chicken and Waffles. Perfect post party night meal. Bonus, they have endless Mimosas if you need a little hair of the dog.

Brunch runs 10am till 2pm at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail 208 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

Afterwords head to the beach and enjoy this weather.

Sunday ~ Head over to Wisconsin Street and join in Living Tea’s Community Pancake Breakfast.


“We’ll be making GREEN pancakes, infused with Spirulina…. that’s right, Organic Gluten-Free GREEN Pancakes! We’ll also have our organic raw kombucha and organic coffee available.”

“Everything is donation based, so whatever you can afford to donate is great. And those who can’t donate, come eat for free and enjoy some good community time. All donations go towards future community breakfasts, and additional funds are donated to local charities. It’s a Give Back Oceanside event with Living Tea and Nii Foods!”

The event runs 10am to 12pm at Living Tea  302 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside.

Also Sunday ~ Another communal event will be hosted By the The T House equinox event starts at noon and goes until 6pm.


There will be light food (I believe he said lobster bisque and bread) and lots of information about food, urban homesteading, gardening, spiritualism and more. contact to learn more you can also check out the T Houses website or you can also contact me through this website.

To learn a little about what they are about you can read my interview with Chef Beau T house co-founder HERE.

Have a great weekend.

Living Tea End Of Summer Party ~ Oceanside

I had the opportunity to attend Living Tea’s end of summer party this past Friday. It was an RSVP event through their mailing list for about 60 people. The festivities included music, food, and Kombucha cocktails.

living-tea Living Tea ~ 302 Wisconson Ave., Oceanside


Sake infused pineapple kombucha.


Wrench and Rodent / Whet Noodle were there slinging some food ~ Living Tea Roll ~ Rainbow sushi roll with a kombucha sauce.


There were a number of bands that played. This is Barnwell Shift (Members of Living Tea and guests.) This was my first time hearing them, they were really good.


The party in full swing.

If you were not able to attend, I highly suggest checking out Living Tea for their excellent Kombucha.

Also every second Sunday of the month they hold a community breakfast 9am-11pm. Organic, gluten-free pancakes, coffee, and kombucha! Open mic and live art!

Living Tea

302 Wisconson Ave. Oceanside

Chef Promotion @ Petite Madeline

So, Marc Santos who has been holding down the Sous Chef position at Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro for the last 4 or 5 months, has officially been promoted to Chef De Cuisine. AKA Executive Chef.

image1 (1)

This is well deserved. Christine has let Chef Marc run the weekly and weekend brunch specials for a while now and his talented shows. I have had a lot of these and this promotion came as no surprise to me.

Here are some of his specials that I had…

port melt

Portobello Mushroom w / herb beading, Provolone cheese, baby spinach, and bang bang sauce on a rustic bread bun. Side Kumquat and mint salad.

Smoked Turkey Omelet


Smoked turkey, spinach, caramelized onion, and mozzarella omelette

blue plate special

Blue Plate Special, seared tuna, quinoa salad, cooked apples, fresh local strawberries, sun dried tomatoes, poached egg.

Chef Marc will also be part of the 608 / North County Food Chefs dinner at 608 Tuesday August 9th.Tickets available by calling  608.

Chefs dinner mock

Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro

223 North Coast Highway, Oceanside


Coffee Trail Encinitas to Oceanside

So, this has been something I have been planning for a while, finally got it done.

OK, so if your favorite coffee place is not on this list it does not mean they suck, they are just not up to the standard these guys are.

Coffee is a funny thing it comes down to the Barista, the machine and water temp. You can give a Chef truffles and a dry aged steak and if he / she does not know what they are doing they can still f’ it up.Same with coffee

OK, disclaimer done.



Better Buzz Coffee ~ Encinitas

A local chain but a damn good local chain. always packed and they make a good cup of coffee.


Iron Smith Coffee ~ Encinitas

These guys are the real deal. Small place blink and you will miss it. Straight up minimal menu but great coffee. Also roasters.


Lofty Coffee ~ Encinitas

This is the best coffee in San Diego hands down. If I do not even want coffee and I am near this place I go here. They have a roasting facility right across the street.They also have a pastry Chef on site. If you have not been here and you think you know about coffee….you do not know about coffee. Go back to your  Frappuccino.


Had to include Pannikin just because it is a staple. They roast their own beans and it is in a historic old train station building. Great for bringing out-of-town friends.

OK, So Carlsbad get your act together you have no note worthy coffee on the coast. The only one worth mentioning is Copa Vida which is off the beaten path. Worth checking out.

copa vida

Copa Vida

Back in Oceanside



Revolution Roasters ~ Oceanside

Glad these guys chose Oceanside for their first brick and mortar store. They provide beans for a lot of the coffee shops on this list as well as many others. Wish they had not put it next to Captain’s Helm but more on that in a second. Great Coffee.


Captains Grounds ~ Oceanside

Used to be just a little cart like thing now has moved into Captain’s Helm (one of the best vintage stores IMO) Great coffee (San Diego Roasters) so right next store to Revolution.

There are a lot of politics here. I just want good coffee or Iced Tea, I see both sides so I’m out.



Coastal Coffee ~ Oceanside

Great location, great coffee out of Sacramento. They also do a mean Panini. The head barista knows what she is doing and they are supporting local artists and musicians.

last but not least…



Banana Dang! ~ Oceanside

After Lofty these guys are the shit. They bring love and passion into every cup. Disclaimer these guys are two of the most important people in my life but there is a reason for that and a lot of it is their passion for their business and each other.

Best pour over coffee in Oceanside for sure and up in the top ten in San Diego.

So, that is my list you can disagree but unless you pay my bills that is what I am sticking to:)

Also I want to call out 2 non coffee but great places…



Living Tea ~ Oceanside

We know them and love them (while at least I do) These guys are doing the right thing. Making a great product and the best attitude ever. Damn it I did not see the T Shirts till posting this picture. Another T-shirt I have to buy…I like representing local businesses and T Shirts.


Loose Leaf Tea Bar ~ Oceanside

Tea is my go to, I love coffee, but I LOVE Tea these guys are the real deal. Been there every morning.

So link time..

Iron Smith

Better Buzz

Lofty Coffee


Revolution Coffee

Captains’s Grounds

Coastal Coffee Connection 

Banana Dang!

Copa Vida

Living Tea Brewing Co.

Loose Leaf Tea Bar

Eve ~ Encinitas

So, I stumbled upon Eve in Encinitas by complete accident. While I usually take E street to get to the train depot in Encinitas, I decided to walk down to D street this time. I walked by Eve and did a double take. Though it has been a month or so since I had been in Encinitas I knew they were not there previously. I walked in and inquired about them. After talking to Scott Steele (Managing Partner) about what they were doing with the space, I got really excited and made plans to return.

eve ext

What caught my eye. Eve Encinitas

Eve is an all Vegan restaurant and juice bar. Though it is so much more which I will explain later.

The interior has a great feel to it. A lot of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Holistic places try to create a matching “Vibe” Eve actually does this in my opinion.

eve int 1

The interior is open and calming. They also sell bottled pressed Juices to go.

eve int 2

More of the interior.

eve int touches 1

int touches 2

Some nice touches

eve int 3

Counter service at eve.

eve menu

The Eve menu. It is basically broken down into bowls, salads, and entrees. They also serve smoothies and rotate 3 Kombuchas on tap provided by Oceansides Living Tea (Yay).

Again Eve is all Vegan and while I am a big meat-eater I love all food. So, I dove in….

eve bowl

Machu Picchu Bowl ~ Red quinoa, Peruvian purple potatoes, white beans, pickled beets, Peruvian Corn, wakame chuka, Peruvian Pichuberries, red Aji sauce

This had so many flavors working together it was great. I love Peruvian corn, Pichuberries, and Aji sauce. I love a lot of things Peruvian actually (note need to go back to Panca).

The two things in the back of the bowl that look like they are wrapped in paper are these…

inca berry

Pichuberries (also known as Inca Berries). They are so good, I need to hit up one of my Chef friends and see if they can tag some on to their Specialty Produce order. Think Kumquat meets grape.

jack fruit tacos

Jack Fruit Tacos & Side Salad ~ Roasted spicy organic Jack Fruit, black beans, cabbage slaw, roasted corn, cashew sauce, Peruvian Aji sauce, cilantro.

These were really tasty, the roasted Jack Fruit was meaty and a perfect base for the tacos. The side salad, which is usually a throw away was really good as well and I loved the dressing.

This is the Jack Fruit. It is part of the Mulberry and Bread Fruit family. It is fibrous and tastes like a cross between a mango and an apple, When you grill it takes on more of a sweet squash taste IMO.


Earlier I mentioned “and more” the and more comes in with the back room, by back room I mean a basketball court sized dance style studio where they hold tons of cool weekly and monthly events. Dance parties, Musicians, Guest Speakers, Artists, Sunday brunch and Yoga. You can keep up with them on their Facebook page.

eve performance space

About 2/3 of the space.

I really enjoyed my meal especially the inclusion of a lot of Peruvian Fruits and Vegetables. Whether you’re looking for good Vegan food or just something good to eat I would check them out. A lunch for 2 with drinks would run about $40 and it is a lot of food.

Eve Encinitas

575 South Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, CA


Living Tea 2nd Anniversary ~ Oceanside


Friday night! These guys are great and down to support other businesses in Oceanside.


TONIGHT “Rain or Shine” Living Tea will be celebrating our 2 years in business! We will be using modern technology aka a GIANT TARP to cover our event area, so you will stay dry and our musicians safe.  Music starts at 7:00pm with some amazing friends; Nathan Rivera, Jessie Andra Smith, Trevor Mulvey, Ryan Dart and Dulaney & Co.  There will be organic food for sale!  Vegan nachos, sweet potato tacos, carne asada tacos, and delightful sides & deserts.  We will be serving our famous “detoxifying intoxicants” with Modern TImes Beer for donations to our community outreach events! And make sure to come out to our community pancake breakfast this Sunday at

Living Tea!


Inaugural Lunch at Cyclops Farms ~Oceanside

By NorthCountyFood, Photos by  Jessamyn Trout, ROAD WEST PHOTOGRAPHY unless noted.

MainStreet Oceanside is hosting the annual conference for the California
Main Street Alliance this year. Downtown managers from all over the state are attending this conference to advance their education and network with their peers. The event consists of two days of workshops and events.
One of the events consists of a tour of Cyclops Farms and lunch, to learn
how downtown Oceanside chefs are partnering locally to give their customers
a “farm to table” experience, and how this benefits the local economy. This tour
will hopefully inspire those attending to help develop partnerships between local
growers and your restaurants in their district.
The lunch was hosted on the newly built event space at Cyclops Farms. the space is a joint venture between Cyclops Farms and North County Food.
Attendees were shuttled in on a double decker bus.
Upon Arrival guests were greeted by farmer Luke Girling and exposed to the great views.
Ooh look; a hawk.
 Luke answering questions at the farm’s produce stand which is open to the public Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Chefs Samantha Parker of Flying Pig Oceanside, AJ Shiek of Blvd Chinese Kitchen, and Ian Smith of Masters Kitchen and Cocktail provided a gourmet lunch utilizing vegetables picked straight off the farm.
Chef Samantha preparing her Lamb burgers.
Lamb burgers with caramelized fennel and a very literal garden salad with a stinging nettle vinaigrette.
Chefs A.J Shiek along with Ian Smith preping his award winning fish this case salmon with an Asian farm picked slaw.
Guests enjoying their lunch
MSO_farm_to_table-2 (1)
Gold Coast Mead provided flight samples of their locally crafted Mead.
While Living Tea Brewery offered two versions of their Kombuchas, Ginger and Acai / Coconut. (Stock photo)
I want to thank everyone involved for making my dream of bringing this project to life ( it only aged me 6 years ).
Please join and follow us on facebook along with Cyclops Farms in order to learn of future events. Eventually we would like to do monthly Chef POP-UP Dinners, “Date Night” on the farm and educational programs.
Special thanks to the volunteers at Mainstreet Oceanside and Green Oceanside for all the help provided to make this happen.

Barrel Republic ~ Oceanside


barrel ext

So, one of my flaws is that after years of doing this I have a pretty good radar. The thing is that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do. Do not get me get me wrong I’m smarter than the average bear…but some times I need to check myself this was one of those times.

Barrel Republic, so I could of summed them up in two paragraphs and would of been 99% accurate..except for the food. The food is better than it needs to be, in fact it is really good bordering on great.

int 1

I’m not going to talk about their beer program. It’s great and I had was able to have Soda and Ice tea from the same program  from Living Tea which was great but that is not my thing to report on.

The other thing is I deal with a ton of bar and restaurant staff. These guys were slow…I mean slow when I went in and they stepped up.

These two, one guy and one girl were excited about where they worked and the food. Look of course servers are trained to be like”that’s my favorite”

These people were genuinely invested, that is a rare thing.


Roasted Butternut Gyoza ~Spicy Ponzu Lacquer

These were great perfect skin. I wish the filling had a bit more seasoning ..but that is nit picking.

cali cuban

Cali Cuban ~ Pork Belly, Bacon, Cucumber, Pickled  Onion, Stone Ground Mustard.

This was a great take on the classic Cuban.

Basically I got schooled …which is rare, but I like it, it keeps me on my toes.

I would bring friends here..that says a lot.

Barrel Republic

215 N Coast Highway, Oceanside CA 92054