Plant Power Fast Food ~ Encinitas

As a total omnivore I was very interested in trying out Plant Power Fast Food. While I love animal flesh in every form, I love me some fruit,veg, and grains too. Also I am always interested in people making interesting, healthy alternatives to foods, like fast food, that are notoriously full of fillers and chemicals.

ext (1 of 1)

This is Plant Powers’s second location, with the first opening in Ocean Beach in 2015. You can order via drive through, an automated order system (kinda like sonic), or a walk up counter. There is some outdoor seating.

seating (1 of 1)

The small outdoor seating area, going to say it seats 36ish.

“Plant Power fast food provides fast food staples like burgers, fries, wraps, tacos, salads, shakes, smoothies and other tasty treats made entirely without the use of animal products, GMO’s or artificial ingredients and served to you in 100% biodegradable materials.”

Proof is in the taste though. How did they do? Really well actually.

meal (1 of 1)

My order ~ “Chicken” fingers, classic “burger” and a great organic lemon lime soda. This came to $16 but was really 2 orders to try more food out.

wings (1 of 1)

“Chicken Fingers” ~ These were really good, the texture was slightly firmer than a mcnugget but softer than a breast strip. The sauce was great and had a nice heat to it. They come with choice of 2 extra sauces, which I did not totally get since they are sauced already. I did use the chipotle one as kind of a substitute for ranch dressing you get with wings. I would order these anytime.

burger (1 of 1)

The Classic ~ “beef patty” lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, ‘mayo’, mustard and pickles.

A great meatless substitute for a fast food burger. I added a little extra ketchup for moisture, but if you did not tell me I would not of deduced it was vegan. They also do an avocado burger, mushroom burger, and a few other variations. There is also a black bean patty available and a raw burger version using a walnut and sunflower burger patty. You can also get “cheese” and a gluten-free bun option for a slight additional charge if desired.

The burgers are a great replacement for the likes of Wendy’s, McDonald’s and so forth. If you are a die-hard burger person they are not going to compete with higher end fast casual burgers like Burger Lounge, Pure Burger, etc. If you are vegetarian or vegan you get to have your burger and eat it too.

Some Yelp reviews commented on slow service and price. Price is right in line with anything else. They are also in soft opening mode still and the place is small so I would go off hours for the time being, but you know, who uses common sense. $100 says it took them longer to write their 3 star yelp review than get their food:)

Plant Power Fast Food

411 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas

(across from Scripts Hospital)

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Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar ~ Oceanside

So, Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar opened this last Saturday at 713 Mission Ave. in Oceanside. Thanks to King’s Touch for instagramming about them or they would have slid under my radar for a while. They are basically 2 doors up (east) from Mission Ave. Bar and Grill.

panels coffee (1 of 1)

Talking with the owner, they had originally looked for a location in the Hillcrest area, but with the costs and amount of coffee competition chose Oceanside for its growth in the coffee and culinary fields as well as events like the monthly Art Walk and Sunset Market.

coffee 2 (1 of 1)

The layout of their comic book store coffee hybrid is done very well. It feels an equal balance of both entities. It is not a Coffee Shop with some comics, nor does it feel like a comic book store with coffee. It balances both perfectly.

comics (1 of 1)comics 2 (1 of 1)

The layout, which has media only along the walls helps with the clean and balanced feel of the shop.

coffee bar (1 of 1)

The menu covers all the main coffee-house staples. They are sourcing from Bird rock Coffee Roasters out of La Jolla, who are well-respected for their coffee.

So, whether you are picking up a new release, grabbing a coffee, or both check these guys out. It is a great atmosphere where you do not have to be a comic book enthusiast or coffee fanatic to enjoy it, but if you are it makes it a little extra special.

dp coffee (1 of 1)Nuff said.

Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar

713 Mission Ave. Oceanside

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New Paleo / Gluten Free Coming To Leucadia.

A new Paleo and Gluten free eatery and bake house called Cultivate 101 will be opening in the space that until this month was El Torito Market & Taco Shop in Leucadia at 948 N. Coast Highway.



The old El Torito Market. It is now totally gutted.

More when I know more.



The T House: Open House, Bring Something / Take Something ~ Oceanside

Sunday was an open house / welcoming event at The T House in Oceanside. The T House is a social and community based venture helmed by Chef Beau Bonham and his partner Stacey Westbrook. To best understand it I would read the interview I did with Beau Here or check out their Facebook page  and Website.

The T House is located at their house / homestead in the Loma Alta district in Oceanside.

sign (1 of 1)

Many things going on…..

strawberries (1 of 1)

I arrived early and started helping out by slicing fresh Cyclops Farms strawberries for the jam we were going to make.

jam begins (1 of 1)

Ready to start the jam making process.

stirring the jam (1 of 1)

Organic strawberries, calcium, water, Pectin (natural plant-based thickener), and organic sugar. That is about as non processed a jam as you are going to get.

It would not set till the next day, but I ate some with a bagel and it was delicious. The next time I would add a little lemon for more acidity, but it tasted like fresh strawberries.

garden walk (1 of 1)

Beau gave everyone who attended a tour of the garden. This is Stacey’s friend Michelle who was then tasked with cultivating all the greens and flowers for the salad that was going to be served.

veg (1 of 1)

Some of the fresh Vegetables and herbs.

T talk (1 of 1)

Beau went over natural teas and extracts as well as a Korean version of Kombucha called Jun he had made.

seed exchange (1 of 1)

There was also a seed exchange. Want Heirloom Tomato seeds? Bring some seeds by to swap, or some fruit from your tree. You could also take them and when the ripen bring some buy or a tomato tort you made with them. Get the Idea?

jack fruit (1 of 1)

An Amazing Jackfruit that Tom Chongruk and Lora Chow from Travel 4 Food Fun brought by. Jackfruit is amazing. The entire inside including the seeds can be utilized. A lot of Vegans use the inside flesh like pulled pork. You shred it and then roast it with a BBQ sauce.

curry (1 of 1)

Tom is from Thailand and brought an amazing curry he had made.

salad (1 of 1)

A salad from the garden vegetables and flowers harvested earlier, plus some fresh jackfruit.

lobster soup (1 of 1)

A little lobster soup from Chef Daniel of LTH and fresh ciabatta bread from Chef Beau.

cupcakes (1 of 1)

Stacey made strawberry cupcakes. Little bundles of strawberry flavored love.

I t was a fun day. I met a lot of cool local people and had some good food. It started at noon and ended up running later than planed till about 8pm. I would say about 35 people came by through out the day. Hope to be involved more.

Be aware that because of my background I am going to gravitate towards the food aspects of the T House but that would be selling it short. It really is a lot more and something that needs to be experienced. It’s about participation and education. You can attend a class on extracts or you can teach one on a subject you know or want to know better. Again check out the links and get involved.

The T House

Join the mailing list at

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Things To Do This Weekend In Oceanside.

Saturday ~ After waking up from you Saint Patrick’s Day exploits, head to Masters Kitchen and Cocktail for brunch featuring dishes like…

Masters Chicken and Waffles (1 of 1)

Chef Richardi’s upscale take on Chicken and Waffles. Perfect post party night meal. Bonus, they have endless Mimosas if you need a little hair of the dog.

Brunch runs 10am till 2pm at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail 208 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

Afterwords head to the beach and enjoy this weather.

Sunday ~ Head over to Wisconsin Street and join in Living Tea’s Community Pancake Breakfast.


“We’ll be making GREEN pancakes, infused with Spirulina…. that’s right, Organic Gluten-Free GREEN Pancakes! We’ll also have our organic raw kombucha and organic coffee available.”

“Everything is donation based, so whatever you can afford to donate is great. And those who can’t donate, come eat for free and enjoy some good community time. All donations go towards future community breakfasts, and additional funds are donated to local charities. It’s a Give Back Oceanside event with Living Tea and Nii Foods!”

The event runs 10am to 12pm at Living Tea  302 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside.

Also Sunday ~ Another communal event will be hosted By the The T House equinox event starts at noon and goes until 6pm.


There will be light food (I believe he said lobster bisque and bread) and lots of information about food, urban homesteading, gardening, spiritualism and more. contact to learn more you can also check out the T Houses website or you can also contact me through this website.

To learn a little about what they are about you can read my interview with Chef Beau T house co-founder HERE.

Have a great weekend.

Interview With Beau Bonham.

So, I am just going to post this raw. Meaning I am stopping to try to edit myself. This person is one of the strongest pastry and savory Chefs in North County. Also, one of the strongest chocolatiers I have ever met. What he is doing now is impressive.

So, embrace and understand this is what is coming.


I had a chance to sit down and talk to Chef Beau Bonham. Actually he has kind of moved away from Solely the Chef title and is now more Chef, educator, entrepreneur, and wellness nature advocate. Urban Shaman would not be that far off of a term.

I first met Beau when he was Chef at Petite Madeline Bakery and Bistro in Oceanside, CA. Since them he has become a good friend and a great source of food and restaurant knowledge for me. I followed him through stints with his Truffle trike business ( exactly what it sounds like an ice cream pedal trike selling gourmet hand-made truffles), his stint at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail as Chef de Partie, and now his latest venture, which this interview delves into…….

So, tell me about what’s going on and your new venture the T-House.

The new venture is a social experiment and business with Staceylou Westbrook. ( Staceylou Westbrook is Beau’s partner). So, until now it has been “Chef Beau” and this business and this business and so on. Now Staceylou Westbrook and I have come together to figure out, what does it take to live your life and how do you make that into a business? How do we live our lives and still sustain ourselves?

It is multi faceted, it is based in wellness and healing. Our goal is to provide everything from services to education.

So, what made you decide to focus your life on this aspect of food and physical, mental, and spiritual health?

So, if you think about being a Chef. What I love about being a Chef is being a damn good cook. Well, the higher you get up in the Chef world, the less you get to be a damn good cook. You end up having to be a manager or a babysitter. I found this to be true with a lot of people. A lot of people have shared that sentiment with me.

Maybe the best damn Barista in the world just wants to be a damn good barista, he does not want to own a coffee shop or a chain of coffee shops. So, how can you do what makes you happy without falling into the trap of following the next logical step in order to make money or be sufficient at it? Does that make sence?

Yes, I think that Makes total sence.

…and you can put all of this under what we are trying to do with The T-House

So, why do you think this aspect of food and commerce that you are trying to do has been neglected or forgotten? Is it the pursuit of capitalism? The force feeding of you are only successful or happy if you drive this car or have this house?

Maybe, it’s as simple as not seeing the forest for the trees. Maybe we get caught up in these set of rules, Go to work, cash your paycheck, buy your stuff, and we don’t see the resources that are available to us in our own yard, in our own neighbors, or our own friends. I am actually trying to free up resources.

So, what is an easy way of someone to get involved in this, get started?

There are so many aspects to what we are doing. We want to incorporate an experiential learning project, holding classes on bio-diversity, permaculture. We want to teach people about using whole plants, seed saving, seed fixing, and essential oils. How to make salves and balms, Ozark medicine stuff.

The best way to contact us and see what we are doing is to contact us. Join our email list, or like the the Facebook page. All of this is being done at our personal house. I use my personal email, we are not running a business. We are creating a community of friends. Its if they email me I will add them to one of a few lists depending on what they are interested in. They could be interested in parties, classes, maybe holding classes themselves. Empower people to hold classes themselves and not things they are 100% proficient in but things they want to learn and have a group learning process.

We don’t want to simply provide this information, that is something the internet can do. We want to have it be an experiential learning, where people actually do these things themselves so they can feel the effects and see what its like. That is one aspect. The other aspect is Staceylou provides energy work, healing sessions, and Tarot. She will hold classes on pendulum work, getting touch with your own reality and becoming more aware of yourself.

Another part is we want to have fun. We want to throw parties and grow community. We want to provide nourishment, food, and entertainment. We want to have people get together on a friendly status. Outside of the realm of business. What makes business more legit then that backyard BBQ?  Why aren’t we doing our networking there?

…maybe we are? What if we challenge the model? What if instead of getting bigger to make more money, we go smaller to gain more resources? By finding those resources communally, we free up our money. You may drive 20 minutes to find the best hairdresser in the world and pay this price. There maybe a hairdresser in your community with whom you can trade. I’ll do your nails, you do my hair and that frees up all those resources. There are already apps available to share this information already.

So, I know one of your interests is food as medicine. What are some of the programs and offerings you want to expose people to?

We want to talk about..there is an idea called “wild crafting”, ours is not “Wild Crafting” I guess you would call it “garden Crafting”. It’s about drying out your own teas, the efficacy of tea, how we used to ingest medicinal plants simply by steeping them in boiling water. What a tea tastes like and what that particular plant is purported to do. The difference in different delivery systems such as an alcohol tincture or an infused oil or simply essential oils themselves. What these things can be used for culinary for taste and flavor and how they affect the different systems in your body and how they maybe good or not good for you in particular. Also a thing I call intuitive nutrition. We have a program we can develop with people to help them figure out what is the best thing for their body.

So, one thing I want to talk about. There is the social experiment, that is the free commerce thing. There is Staceylou business which is energy and healing. The third is both social, political, and healing. We are devoted to educating the senior community on the legality and benefits of cannabis. Not just the senior community, but because we have aging parents and grand parents it is a big part of what they are doing right now, reaching out and educating. That is a special program and if someone is interested in that they need to mention that when they contact us, because of laws and other factors.

It’s funny You get the concept, you have seen it you have been to the house. You get what we are doing, you get that there can be 5 different things going on at once.

Yeah, I think it is about getting people involved and getting them out there. That’s why I did this interview as an awareness piece. So, hopefully take advantage and check it out. Because the barter non-commerce aspect, I think, people will kind of have to wrap their head around. I think the open house on March xxx would be a good start.

So, if any of these things interests you I would highly recommend contacting Beau at and checking out the Facebook or their website, which I will link below.

Again it is something you have to personally check out to kind of get it and see if it is for you. It really is an intellectual and physical community based barter or free trade community group. That’s the best I got to sum it up.

The T house

DOH! Gourmet Cookie Dough ~ North County (soon to be everywere)

So, DOH! Gourmet Cookie Dough is made by Chef Annalise Brolaski and Nick Hart, right here in North County. They have created an amazing vegan and gluten-free cookie dough.


Annalise and Nick

Unlike the vast majority of gluten-free cookie products it has an incredible taste and texture. Unless you were told it was vegan and gluten free you would not know.


Prepared DOH! cookies. It is also great straight out of the tub raw,baked, or baked and then chilled in the fridge. You can also get baked, bake, and then chill, it’s a fourth option. I have had it three of those four ways and raw and baked then chilled are my favorites.

A little about Chef Annalise. I met her while looking for a third chef for an all dessert dinner I was putting together. At that time she was a pastry cook at Cucina Enoteca. She was extremely talented and impressive. At the age of 20 this is what she produced for the dessert dinner.


Annalise’s Dish for the dessert dinner~ Citrus Shortbread, Strawberry Grand Marnier Sauce, Honey Comb, Basil (red local basil which is incredible), Meyer Lemon Curd, Strawberry Honey Sorbet, Local Bee Pollen.

See what I mean?

Shortly after that she dropped out of the cooking scene for a while (which sucked because she had a lot to add to the culinary world and in my opinion was far from done.) She reemerged briefly doing some incredible deserts for Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub and starting her own company Deep Sea Desserts. Then as my friend Chef Beau put it when DOH! appeared “Yeah, those guys disappeared for a bit, went and had some kind of retreat / brainstorming in Hawaii and came back killing it.”. I do not know how accurate that is but it makes for a great story, and I like it so I’m sticking with that as to what caused the catalyst, because killing it is exactly what they have been doing.

They launched around October with the product and 2 months later can be found at Both Frazier Farms locations (Oceanside and Vista), Cream of The Crop in Oceanside, Carlsbad Ranch Market, Seaside Market (Cardiff), and soon, Specialty Produce. That is an insane amount of distribution for a start up. If they do not achieve national distribution in a year, I would be surprised. Their main hurdle is going to be production, the product and packaging are already there.


The DOH! stand at the Leucadia Farmers Market. (You can also find then at the Encinitas farmers Market.) They tend to sell out so get there early. I believe you can email them in advance to have an order ready for you.


Product ready for sale.

So, there you have it a local success story that is nowhere near done. Go, buy, support, eat, enjoy. Great gifts or for Holiday entertaining.

If you are a cafe or restaurant and want to add a great Vegan / Gluten free, easy to prepare option, trust me it is better than what you are currently buying and serving and it works out to about $.20 some odd cents per cookie at the wholesale price.


Available at Frazier Farms, Seaside Market, Cream Of The Crop, Carlsbad Ranch Market, Leucadia and Encinitas Farmers Market, and coming soon to Specialty Produce.

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Living Earth Systems’ Farm To Table Dinner @ Golden Coast Mead ~ Oceanside

Part dinner event, part biology and science class, living Earth System’s farm to table dinner proved different than any other event dinner I have previously attended (and I have attended quite a few).

Living Earth Systems specializes in sustainable farm design. Their goal is to educate and inspire people to create a lifestyle that is both good for them as well as the planet. Teaching composting, aquaponics, and farming, living Earth Sytems is headed up by Eddy and Sam. Both of them have impressive backgrounds in sustainable farm design.

Eddy, Grew up on Molokai and Maui, Eddy has over 30 years of experience living off-grid. His deep connection to nature has taught him fundamental truths that are woven into Living Earth Systems. Observation, Consistency, and Stewardship.

Sam, graduated from the University of Michigan in Physics and Environmental Science, Sam received her Permaculture Design Certification in 2012 before apprenticing for 2 years in Regenerative Systems Design with Maui New Earth.

Sam is also heads up marketing for Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside. Golden Coast Mead is the only maker of mead in Southern California, with tasting rooms in Oceanside and Julian. you can read more about them here.

Golden Coast Mead

Golden Coast Mead 4089 Oceanside Blvd. Suite H Oceanside, Ca. (soon to be moving to Suite G in the building facing the main parking lot.)

The night started out with some refreshing mead and an introduction to the process of mead production.

Golden Coast Mead Cucumber

I started off with something that was not going to be served at the dinner, a cucumber-infused mead. The base was their orange blossom mead. It had a light refreshing taste.

Golden Coast Mead Brewery tour

Mead brewer Chris kicked off the festivities with insite into the mead making process.

Golden Coast Mead Dinner starts

Making our way across the way into the, soon to be opened, new tasting room, everybody settled in. I was lucky enough to sit across from an interesting, intelligent young woman, who showed up with a box of beetles for the farm. (+10,000 ” I want to talk to this person” bonus points).

Golden Coast Mead Max on farming

Eddy, in between courses, explained many aspects of truly self-sustainable farming. Here he talks about aquaponics, and the micro eco-system they create and function off of.

A lot of the people at the dinner were home farmers themselves. When I say home farmers, I mean the type of home based farmers that have 1500 sq. foot greenhouses at their home in Vista. This made the dinner an interactive classroom.

Before I start going over dishes, I want to say that Eddy and Sam are not professional chefs. They are extremely talented cooks with a lot of passion and access to great ingredients. Everything came from their farm with the exception of the grass fed beef, which came from neighboring farm Eden Tropics in Fallbrook and olive oil that was sourced from Temecula Olive Oil Company. Because they do not grow any on their land, none of the dishes contained any grains. truthfully the food was better and more interesting than a lot of Chef’s dinners (with professional Chefs) that I have attended.

Golden Coast Mead Salad

Farm Salad ~ Arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, lambsquarter (aka goosefoot or pigs weed), and a home-made ginger beer herb vinaigrette with rosemary and marjoram.

A great light start to the meal. You could taste the earth in the greens and tomatoes.

Golden Coast Mead Sour

The 1st course was paired with Golden Coast Meads Brett Sour. I loved this mead, I’m big into sour anything right now, meads, beers, patch kids.

Golden Coast Mead Second course

Potatoes ~ Swiss chard, lemon grass-pesto, sweet peppers, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, macadamias, and Hawaiian salt.

Another great dish, with a nice bite from the garlic. This was paired with a non-alcoholic soda of cantaloupe, blood orange, and stevia.

Golden Coast Mead Third Course

Play on Vegetarian Lasagna ~ Baked eggplant, butternut squash, goat cheese mozzarella, goat cheese brie, homemade tomato sauce, and things in my notes I could not make out.

Though the dish had a lot of ingredients it all worked very well together. Another hit. Paired with an interesting Herbs-de-Provence mead.

Golden Coast Mead Grass fed beef

Grass Fed Beef ~ Brisket and tenderloin (cooked low and slow for 10 hours), carrots, potatoes, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, and fennel flowers.

Melt in your mouth beef, flavor full broth, and perfectly cooked vegetables, enough said.

This was Paired with a very good and unique Chocolate and chipotle mead. There was just a hint of chocolate with the chipotle coming through in the finish.

Golden Coast Mead dessert

Dessert ~ Tartlet with a macadamia nut base, honey, fig, with raw cows milk whip cream. Macadamia nuts, and fresh local honeycomb.

Great way to finish a spectacular meal and interesting evening.

There was a lot of information passed along, too much for me to relay here. I would highly suggest checking out Living Earth Systems website and facebook page. Below I am going to include a few pics of things they are doing I think are cool (out of the hundreds).



Their living biological swimming pool. No chlorine or other chemicals.


Vetiver grass nature’s erosion killer and a cornerstone in creating mineral rich natural soil.

To see future events and learn tons more about what they do and can help you do, please visit them on their sites here….

Living Earth Systems Facebook

For more info on Mead visit  Golden Coast Mead




Ether Minded People’s Show 6/17 ~ Oceanside

Just a few shots of Ether minded people Performing as well as Tim Moore AKA “So Nice”.

Great Show, great night.


Tim Moore AKA “So Nice”


EMP on stage.


Great Show again. Think they hold them every month at The Copperwood Center in the Valley. Support Local Art, Music, Food …Local anything.

Ether Minded People

Coffee Trail Encinitas to Oceanside

So, this has been something I have been planning for a while, finally got it done.

OK, so if your favorite coffee place is not on this list it does not mean they suck, they are just not up to the standard these guys are.

Coffee is a funny thing it comes down to the Barista, the machine and water temp. You can give a Chef truffles and a dry aged steak and if he / she does not know what they are doing they can still f’ it up.Same with coffee

OK, disclaimer done.



Better Buzz Coffee ~ Encinitas

A local chain but a damn good local chain. always packed and they make a good cup of coffee.


Iron Smith Coffee ~ Encinitas

These guys are the real deal. Small place blink and you will miss it. Straight up minimal menu but great coffee. Also roasters.


Lofty Coffee ~ Encinitas

This is the best coffee in San Diego hands down. If I do not even want coffee and I am near this place I go here. They have a roasting facility right across the street.They also have a pastry Chef on site. If you have not been here and you think you know about coffee….you do not know about coffee. Go back to your  Frappuccino.


Had to include Pannikin just because it is a staple. They roast their own beans and it is in a historic old train station building. Great for bringing out-of-town friends.

OK, So Carlsbad get your act together you have no note worthy coffee on the coast. The only one worth mentioning is Copa Vida which is off the beaten path. Worth checking out.

copa vida

Copa Vida

Back in Oceanside



Revolution Roasters ~ Oceanside

Glad these guys chose Oceanside for their first brick and mortar store. They provide beans for a lot of the coffee shops on this list as well as many others. Wish they had not put it next to Captain’s Helm but more on that in a second. Great Coffee.


Captains Grounds ~ Oceanside

Used to be just a little cart like thing now has moved into Captain’s Helm (one of the best vintage stores IMO) Great coffee (San Diego Roasters) so right next store to Revolution.

There are a lot of politics here. I just want good coffee or Iced Tea, I see both sides so I’m out.



Coastal Coffee ~ Oceanside

Great location, great coffee out of Sacramento. They also do a mean Panini. The head barista knows what she is doing and they are supporting local artists and musicians.

last but not least…



Banana Dang! ~ Oceanside

After Lofty these guys are the shit. They bring love and passion into every cup. Disclaimer these guys are two of the most important people in my life but there is a reason for that and a lot of it is their passion for their business and each other.

Best pour over coffee in Oceanside for sure and up in the top ten in San Diego.

So, that is my list you can disagree but unless you pay my bills that is what I am sticking to:)

Also I want to call out 2 non coffee but great places…



Living Tea ~ Oceanside

We know them and love them (while at least I do) These guys are doing the right thing. Making a great product and the best attitude ever. Damn it I did not see the T Shirts till posting this picture. Another T-shirt I have to buy…I like representing local businesses and T Shirts.


Loose Leaf Tea Bar ~ Oceanside

Tea is my go to, I love coffee, but I LOVE Tea these guys are the real deal. Been there every morning.

So link time..

Iron Smith

Better Buzz

Lofty Coffee


Revolution Coffee

Captains’s Grounds

Coastal Coffee Connection 

Banana Dang!

Copa Vida

Living Tea Brewing Co.

Loose Leaf Tea Bar