Coming Soon ~ New Ramen & Beer Places ~ Encinitas

Really excited about both these projects. The first is Rooster Ramen from Chef David Volk. Rooster Ramen used to be a nightly pop up at the Encinitas Bull Taco. David pulled out due to factors I won’t get into with the owner, but I am happy to see some of the best ramen I have had in North County coming back. You can read about the concept here, though I do not think this location will have outdoor seating.


Rooster Ramens new home at 914 South Coast Highway, Leucadia. Right before Leucadia Blvd.

Also, Modern Times got approval (barley) to open their new tasting room at 470 South Coast Highway. The location is across from the La Paloma Theater between Ironsmith Coffee and Filberto’s.

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Teri Cafe ~ Oceanside

Teri Cafe has been serving their freshly made ramen, udon ,and soba noodles in a casual environment to Oceanside residents for over 30 years. Their operation has grown so much they have an offsite noodle factory here in Oceanside to produce noodles for their two restaurants as well as professional and consumer clients.

I had not been to a Teri Cafe location in quite a while, not since they were in the old, now demolished mall near JoAnne’s Fabrics off of South El Camino Real. Since I now live near their Plaza Dr. location and love Udon I decided to pay them a visit, or two.

teri cafe (1 of 1)

Teri Cafe at 3809 Plaza Dr., Oceanside. They also have a location at 2216 South El Camino Real in Oceanside.

Teri Cafe serves their noodle dishes, as well as teriyaki bowls and plates, daily specials, and sushi in a fast casual atmosphere with the average price being around $10 to $12 depending on what you order.

chicken (1 of 1)

Teriyaki Chicken Plate ~ Teriyaki chicken, rice, salad, potato salad, and miso soup.

The teriaki plate comes with quite a bit of food. The chicken is moist and tender with a sweet teryaki glaze and perfectly cooked rice. The meal is rounded out with miso soup, a side salad and a scoop of potato salad. The accompaniments are fine but nothing overly exciting.

teri cafe gyoza (1 of 1)


On my second visit I decided to order two of my favorites, gyoza and udon soup. The gyoza were really nice with a crispy outer shell and flavorful filling.

teri cafe chicken udon (1 of 1)

Chicken Udon Soup.

People say the star of udon soup is the broth. Teri’s broth is nice, it has depth and is not overly salty. In my opinion it is all about the noodles and these were perfect, soft thick udon with just a little tooth to them. You could tell they were fresh.

I am glad I paid them a few visits and now that one of their locations is within walking distance to me I will have it as a lunch or dinner option when I’m craving udon.

Teri Cafe

3809 Plaza Dr., Oceanside


2216 South El Camino Real, Oceanside

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Pho Oceanside ~ Oceanside

This is a bit of a re-visit, but I last mentioned this place was in 2013. This probably north of Convoy street is the best Pho in North County.

ext (1 of 1)

Like all great Pho places, nondescript and in a strip mall.

Like Ramen, everyone has their 2 cents about pho. Their broth is deep in flavor, the price can not be beat and it will make you happy. As a writer I could go on “Oh the broth was like re living a childhood dream, it brought me back to the time when my Grandmother…:” F that. It is good food. Nuff said.

pho (1 of 1).jpg

Pho ~ Rare steak, tendons, tripe, brisket.

Go eat.

Also the pork chop is insane:) Highly recommend the egg rolls as well.


Pho Oceanside

518 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside

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Rooster Ramen : The Return ~coming Spring / Summer

“Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah, here come the rooster
You know he ain’t gonna die
No, no, no, you know he ain’t gonna die”    

Alice in Chains ~ Rooster

So, a little while ago I mentioned on northcountyfood’s Facebook page, which you should be following as well, that a great Ramen place is returning to North County.

That place is Rooster Ramen. The original, high quality pop up Ramen in North County. Do not be fooled by Johnny come latelys.

Now, I am happy to say Rooster Ramen is returning with a full-fledged brick and mortar restaurant.

Having eaten Chef David’s Ramen at the old incarnation of the restaurant, I am eagerly awaiting and trumpeting the return!

Here is what David has told me about his new restaurant

Opening late spring / early summer

Highway 101 in an undisclosed location.

Full 30 plus Sake list, plus Sochu cocktails and a complimenting beer list.

Over 9 traditional ramen dishes taken from different regions of Japan, as well as a number of specialty takes on the noodle dish.

The menu will also feature small plates and Yakatori grilled items prepared on a traditional Binchotan charcoal grill.

A revolving specials board will be available daily and feature items based off of what is fresh and in season. Luxury items such as Osetra Caviar, Monk Fish liver, and pork cheeks will also make an appearance.

Prices for Ramen will run $9 to $14 with build your own as well as vegan and vegetarian options available. Expect to see a good bowl of Pho make an appearance.

The restaurant’s digital ordering system will emulate the Ramen vending ticket machines in Japan. This will not only give customers full control of the ordering process but will also increase its speed.


Example of a Ramen ticket machine.

The restaurant will have the feel of a Japanese farm-house with plenty of outdoor seating, a lengthy Ramen bar, and a semi open kitchen.

Hours will be 11 am till midnight weekdays and till 2 am Friday and Saturday with an early morning Sunday hangover brunch. This will make it North County’s only late night spot, sans a few Mexican places..

All the restaurants plates, bowls, and cups will be hand-made ceramic from Pawena Studios out of LA.

More news and info to come as things progress.

Perfect timing as this is The Year of The Rooster! My sign as well)

Coming Soon, Chef Shuffles, Remodels, and Industry Jobs.

Coming Soon ~ Owner Staci miller has been hard at work revamping the former BLVD Chinese Kitchen Space at 514 South Coast Highway, Oceanside. The new concept is an intimate wine bar called “The Millers Table” it will feature wine flights and a menu of small plates. More to come….

Chef Shuffle ~Master’s Kitchen and Cocktail has brought on a new Executive Chef, Josh Richardi. Josh used to work under James Montejano at The La Valencia in La Jolla. The La Valencia is regarded as one of the premier dining establishments in San Diego. Hopefully, this is the fit Owner Ryan Jubela has been looking for.

Remodels ~ The Roxy a long time Encinitas establishment at 517 Coast Highway in downtown Encinitas, is undergoing a major remodel. They are hoping to reopen late August. Funny thing, the Rumor is Chris Gallo who was head Chef at Masters a while ago is set to be the Chef here.



Industry Jobs ~ Chef De Cuisine Cocina Enoteca Del Mar.


New Ramen Concept in Encinitas…I believe this is Rooster Ramen’s new                                      spot but I am still trying to confirm this.

Full-time, part-time position.
A new concept Ramen in Encinitas is looking for a talented line/prep cooks.

Must have experience, great ticket managing skills, and be a multitasker.

Must be able to work cleanly, efficiently, with respect for quality ingredients and careful attention to preparation. Must be able to ensure smooth service operations and quality service.



Happy Thursday!



Rooster Ramen ~ Encinitas

rooster ramen

Rooster Ramen is a Pop-Up Ramen restaurant that opens nightly inside the Bull Taco in Encinitas at 101 North Coast Highway 101. They start serving at 5:30 each evening alongside Bull Taco, though Bull Taco may only serve a limited menu after 5:30, not sure but I only saw burritos being eaten. So, either everyone wanted burritos or they have a limited menu.

They are a separate entity though because I paid on one POS for my Ramen, then ordered an Iced Tea and paid on Bull Tacos POS. Red Rooster Ramen does sell their own canned and bottled drinks. If you want something on tap you will have to pay separately. Not that this matters I just wanted to let you know, some people may get huffy and puffy over this….I hate those people, I was going to say secretly but I am pretty open about it:)

redrooster ext

 The only clue they are there.

Red rooster ramen kitchen

Burritos on the left, Ramen to the right.

Red rooster ramen interior

View from the patio, which is perfect for this time of year especially since they open late so the heat is gone and it is sunset time. I did not take a picture of the patio because it was crowded with families and women, who have no idea why I am taking pictures, I try not to creep people out. Plus you know what a patio looks like. Same as the inside but outside:)

The menu consists of a number of appetizers including Takoyaki, Goyza, and steamed buns.

Ramen comes two ways the house Tonkatsu, or build your own which offers three broths, miso, curry, or spicy sesame and a myriad of add-on choices.

What we had….

Ramen 1

Tonkatsu Ramen ~ Soft boiled egg, red ginger, sesame seeds, bean sprouts, Tonkatsu, scallion, nori, pork belly, garlic chips, and bamboo shoots, noodles.

I loved this. The egg, pork, and Tonkatsu were all cooked perfectly. The broth had a nice depth but was not over salty. Huge portion, by the way, I only got 3/4 of the way through this and I can eat.

Ramen 2

Curry Ramen ~ no idea what she added but pretty close to mine, minus the Tonkatsu.

My friend thought the curry broth was better than the standard broth I had. I do not know I did not get to try it….She was like a mother bear guarding a cub:), no I just did not ask, I was too concerned about getting through my bowl of Ramen.

I really enjoyed Red Rooster Ramen, cool pop-up concept, good food, and friendly service.

I would say I would go back but I already am, some friends saw a pic on my normal Facebook and want to go.

Rooster Ramen

101 North Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, Ca

The Whet Noodle ~ Oceanside

So, this is just a tease it was a night out with people I care about (OH, I rhyed). The basics are Davin Waite one of the most talented people I know and a true friend took over the space next door to his restaurant Wrench and Rodent and has started a Ramen concept. I was invited to the soft opening night and rallied the troops.


Left to right ~ Jolee Pink and her husband Larry both talented artists and all around great people, Annalise and her father George Brolaski…Annalise is one of the most talented chefs I know and I hope gets back into the game:) and Christine Owner / Chef of Petite Madeline.

Ok, the menu pretty straight forward. Talking to Davin it will grow in time but it is great because flexible.



Cucumber Salad


Duck Ramen, Duck Shoyu broth. Huge portions.

Again a great night with friends…I would highly recommend going …I will be dragging people there.

Thanks, again for the support . I have kinda been on the down low with the holidays, friends and trying to have a social life but it is never not appreciated.

Oh, by the way casual and family friendly.

The Whet Noodle
1813 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

b/t Kelly St & Cassidy St