Werewolf ~ San Diego

So, a lot of posts are going to be hitting you. I thought I would start with an easy one.

So, the thing I measure bar staffs against is the people at Masters in Oceanside and Werewolf in San Diego…for a very good reason. They understand how to make a cocktail.+


So I went old school and ordered a whisky sour..this is what I got…

drink (1 of 1)

It was so funny because the bartender said “Is it Ok if it comes in a fancy glass?” LOL yes I am fine. BTW great bartender that is why I hit this place up everytime I am in SD. Apperently egg whites are part of a whiskey sour…never knew yet so good.


San Diego, Ca



The Miller’s Table Wine Dinner 12.14.16 ~ Oceanside


The Miller’s Table will be hosting their first Wine Dinner, this Wednesday December 14th at 7pm.

The dinner will feature 3 courses paired with wines from Oregon and Burgundy.

$45 pp + tax/tip Call to reserve…442.615.7200 Seating is limited.

Staci is an expert in pairing and delivers great Wine Country inspired cuisine. I highly recommend checking it out.

The Miller’s Table

415 South Coast Highway, Oceanside


Living Tea End Of Summer Party ~ Oceanside

I had the opportunity to attend Living Tea’s end of summer party this past Friday. It was an RSVP event through their mailing list for about 60 people. The festivities included music, food, and Kombucha cocktails.

living-tea Living Tea ~ 302 Wisconson Ave., Oceanside


Sake infused pineapple kombucha.


Wrench and Rodent / Whet Noodle were there slinging some food ~ Living Tea Roll ~ Rainbow sushi roll with a kombucha sauce.


There were a number of bands that played. This is Barnwell Shift (Members of Living Tea and guests.) This was my first time hearing them, they were really good.


The party in full swing.

If you were not able to attend, I highly suggest checking out Living Tea for their excellent Kombucha.

Also every second Sunday of the month they hold a community breakfast 9am-11pm. Organic, gluten-free pancakes, coffee, and kombucha! Open mic and live art!

Living Tea

302 Wisconson Ave. Oceanside

Campfire (Lunch Report) ~ Carlsbad

I have been reporting on Campfire’s progress for a while now. They finally made their debut this week, opening for lunch and dinner Wednesday. While I have reservations for dinner on the 20th, I could not wait. I found myself with extra time on my hands and in the vicinity, so I popped by for lunch.

The dinner report will be more in-depth but from what I found it already looks like a winner.


Campfire 2725 State St. Carlsbad.


The bar has a pretty extensive craft cocktail,wine,and beer list. I went with my go to,lemonade, mint lemonade at that cause that’s how I roll. Made from scratch in a cocktail shaker.


Char Grilled Oysters ~ Myer lemon, chili butter, cucumber.

These are going to go on the must have list for each visit. They brought back memories of oyster festivals in Olympia Washington. Perfectly cooked, plump,juicy, with a slight hint of smoke. I almost ordered another plate before I remembered I was coming back so soon.


Tuna Belly ~ Long beans, soft-boiled egg, olive, shallot.

This was another great dish. It’s a cold dish which you may not get from the description but it holds tons of flavor. The stars of the dish are the long beans, which still have a char taste to them. The smoked tuna belly, egg and tapenade work to contrast and set the flavors off.

Again, I will have more on Campfire soon but I was just excited to share. Service was great, plenty of staff and a lot of the key positions are people from Ironside Fish and Oyster. At least that’s what my eavesdropping, I mean research, tells me.


2725 State St. Carlsbad

Churchill’s Pub & Toolbox Brewing Co. ~ Sour Beer Events ~ San Marcos, Vista

Editors Note * I would like to introduce and welcome Justin Kunert to the North County Food team. Justin Will be covering local breweries and beer events. Here is his inaugural post.

For my first beer article, I decided to stick to something I know and love: sour beers.  Coincidentally enough, September obliged and provided back-to-back sour packed Saturdays.  To start off, Toolbox Brewing in Vista celebrated its 2-year anniversary on Saturday, September 8.  It was an awesome event for the brewery and its fans, given the great turnout at the event.


To commemorate its 2nd birthday, Toolbox served up its specialty by offering a dozen sour beers on tap, including barrel aged sours, wild ales, and saisons.  Our group managed to try six of the options on tap, and damn they were all good.  Four are shown below, my favorite being the 7.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) “Pinkies Up” – a barrel aged sour saison with plums, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves.  This beer carried a remarkably unique plum flavor and along with it an awesome pucker, like alcoholic pop rocks that make your lips shrink and eyes shut.  A phenomenal beer drinking experience.  We also tasted the Bramble on Rose, a bronze medal winner at the 2016 World Beer Cup and a gold medal winner at 2016 San Diego International Beer Competition.


Given my sour cravings, it is great to see this brewery make outstanding beer and to witness all of the support that it is receiving.  Check them out at their website (http://www.toolboxbrewing.com/home/) and in this article from Draft Magazine (http://draftmag.com/25-breweries-on-the-rise/).


The following Saturday, September 10, Churchill’s Pub and Grille in San Marcos hosted the 7th Annual Peter Reeve’s Memorial Sour Fest.  Churchill’s had over 40 different sour beers on tap!  Our group managed to make it through 12 different tasters, 8 of which made it into the picture below.  New Belgium’s “Le Terrior” was my personal favorite.


As for local representation, North County breweries contributing sours on the list included Belching Beaver, The Lost Abbey, Pizza Port, and the afore-mentioned Toolbox.  I would recommend getting your hands on Pizza Port’s “Halle Berrylicious” for some local sour flavor, though any of the options are solid choices.  The event attracted a huge crowd of sour enthusiasts and I am sure some kegs will still be around for sampling for those interested.  Check out Churchill’s here: http://churchillspub.us/.

Churchills Pub

887 West San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos

Toolbox Brewing Company

1495 Poinsettia Ave. #148, Vista

All words and pictures by Justin Kunert

Feast ~ Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside

Two things. First, I LOVE THIS EVENT SO MUCH, I HAD SO MUCH FUN, GREAT FOOD, GREAT SETTING, GREAT PEOPLE! Second, Is it possible to have a food hangover?

This past Wednesday marked the second annual Feast event at the Mission San Luis Rey. The event is held in the courtyard of the rose garden, which is normally not open to the public. The setting is a huge part of what makes the event so special.

Rose Garden

Said rose garden.

Feast set up

The courtyard. There is something about a 218-year-old setting that brings grace and tranquility.

The event was held on the north side of the courtyard as opposed to last year’s more narrow southern side. This space is large so though the crowd was bigger this year it was more spread out. My friend Mario and I guessed about 4 to 5 hundred guests total.

Crowd 1

Feast at full swing.

night begins to fall At sunset.

All the restaurants involved were North County based.

There were roughly 25 food vendors plus 2 beer vendors, Belching Beaver (who sold out early) and Oceanside Ale works, plus two vendors doing hard liquor.

I did not try everything but I went for quality. Even though most of the dishes were small plates one or two bites, it adds up quickly.

mission bakery

San Luis Rey restaurant and Bakery

Mission Bakery

These guys have been around forever, tucked away near the mission producing great baked goods and honest Mexican food. They rolled out with an assortment of great desserts.

San Luis Rey Bakery

490 N. El Camino Real

Cheryl's caramels logo

Candy girls

Cheryl ( center) and the talented lovely women from So Rich Chocolates.

Cheryl , besides being one of the coolest people on the planet, makes homemade world-class caramels. She can be found at the Thursday Oceanside Farmers Market and online.

Cheryl’s Caramels

Chocolates tent

So Rich Chocolates are custom Vista-based, chocolatiers. They focus on wine and beer pairings with their Chocolates and can be found at local breweries and wineries throughout North County. I believe they will be at the Belching Beaver Oceanside taproom grand opening . Their high-quality chocolate is worth checking out.


Great Chocolate. I had the dark and the white ghost pepper chocolates. Both were melt in your mouth delicious with a nice back heat from the ghost peppers.

So Rich Chocolates

lth logo

Always a crowd favorite, Chef Daniel was there with an LTH classic.

LTH Deviled Eggs

LTH’s upscale deviled eggs. this is a perfect event food, delicious, and 1 or 2 bites.

Local Tap House

308 South Coast Highway, Oceanside



Team Petite Madeline was there with their large assortment of hand-crafted pastries.

Petite Madeline crew

Petite Madeline Spread

Petite Madeline Spread 2

Pick any one, you can not go wrong.

I had a mushroom Vol Ar Vent (not pictured because I suck) that was great and more suited to my savory preference. I am not a big sweets person:(

Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro

223 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside


privateer logo

Both Privateer Coal Fired Pizza and Privateer Market Place and Wine Bar were in the house.

While The market did a deconstruction of their Charcuterie plate, featuring Prager Brothers bread, Mikolich honey, local jams and Angel Salumi. Privateer brought their Avo Toast.


Avocado Toast ~ Prager Brothers Bread, avocado, onion, strawberry

That is a basic description of this dish, in actuality, it is way more complex both in technique and flavor. I dare anyone to sit down with ten of these and see how long they last you.

Privateer Coal Fired Pizza

1706 South Coast Highway, Oceanside



Though I was a little bummed Chef Iolli did not bring her incredible seafood, she did some beautiful deserts. Which shows how versatile of a chef she is.


The dessert that looks like it has tapioca on the bottom..no that’s quinoa. What? Again incredible Chef.


wrench logo

Wrench and Rodent showed up in true form as always bringing a perfect dish for the event.Wrench and rodent

Cantaloupe Gazpacho ~ Yellowtail with french beans and zucchini spaghetti from Cyclops Farms.  Davin in all his Davinessness:)

Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub

1815 South Coast Highway, Oceanside


masters logo

Ryan from Masters brought a California take on a New England staple.


Lobster roll ~ Langoustine, kimchee, avocado, on a Hawaiian roll.

Nice refreshing offering. I would have liked more heat from the kimchee but, as I have said before, I have a high heat tolerance.

Masters Kitchen and Cocktail

208 South Coast Highway, oceanside


608 logo

608, Chef Willy is my hero of the event for having the balls to do frogs legs. Not only that he converted people who never tried them and probably would not get a huge opportunity in North County restaurants. Hats off sir.

608 converting

I have always said they taste like chicken and a little bit of fish. His description was they have a salmon quality to them which is more accurate. Tasty and tender none the less.

608 Frog Legs

Frogs Legs ~ Coconut milk braise, lobster tail curry, foraged greens.

That is what I am talking about right there!


608 Mission Ave., Oceanside


mission logo

Mission Ave Bar and Grill brought, from my walking around and talking to people, one of the crowd’s favorite dishes. It was Fresh,cool,and bite-sized. Again perfect for the event.

mission Ave Bar and Grill

Hawaiian Poke ~  Sweet Maui onions, green onions, wonton crisps, wasabi caviar, and shiso.

Mission Ave Bar and Grill

711 Mission Ave., Oceanside

flying pig logo

In what I considered the dish of the event (small margins as everything was great and people brought their A game) Flying Pig blew me away.

Pork on wood grill

Duroc pork on the grill.

Samantha Perker Flying Pig

Chef Samantha Parker plating up. Duroc Pork with a Fennel ash and Cumin rub, served with a Santa Rosa Stone fruit salad.

The pork had a nice smoky flavor to it due to the cooking method and the rub. Though the serving was only about an eighth of an inch thick it still packed tons of flavor and held its moisture. That takes some skill to pull off. The stone fruit salad was a great addition providing contrast while still having savory elements in its own right. Again IMO dish of the event.

Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

626 S. Tremont St., Oceanside

230 South Santa Fe, Vista


bd logo

Cannot forget the people I came with.

banana dang

Banana Dang! Mario and crew serving Love and craft, pour over Chai Iced Coffee and Vietnamese Iced Tea to the masses. They make great smoothies too.

Banana Dang!

115 South Coast Highway, Oceanside


Sothern Snow Balls

last but not least. This just made me happy. I was crushed when Southern Snow Balls closed on Wisconsin St.. Glad to see they are back. Great couple and great product. They can be found Thursday through Sunday in Oceanside in “The College of Beauty” Parking lot in South Oceanside.

OK, so there you have the gist of it. If you did not go you missed out big time. Make sure you make the next one, totally worth your time.

Shout out to Nino from Ono Yum for putting this together.



North Eats Today ~ Go

Hosted by Baker & Olive — the 3rd annual North Eats food festival.

San Diegans will have the opportunity to experience the North County food scene from over 30 participating chefs, restaurants, and food brands based north of the 56-freeway. Center stage at this festival will be a live cooking competition featuring 94.9 DJs Cantore & Woods and live music by local North County artists Barnwell Shift.


Baristas you need to follow on Instagram

I received this from Phil La Rosa at Espressoworks.com.au . Phil works in Perth Australia at Espresso Works and sent this infographic listing some of the world’s top Baristas to follow via instagram.

If you love coffee (Mario) I would check it out.



Perth, Australia

The New Chefs’ Dinner ~ Oceanside 8 /9 @ 608 608

This what I do, this my true talent. $0 at 40 seats it will sell out get on the list now. It will be a great night:)

Chefs dinner mock