Corner Bakery Cafe ~ Encinitas

I can not eat high-end restaurant food all the time, so I like it when I can find high quality fast casual places like Lemonade, Flower Child, and I would now add Corner Bakery Cafe to that list.

I was in Encinitas on other business and came across the re-designed strip mall just east of El Camino Real on Encinitas Blvd. There is a lot going into that spot, a tap-room, Luna Grill, and it already houses a Habit Burger and the previously mentioned Corner Bakery Cafe.


Corner Bakery Cafe ~ 1476 Encinitas Boulevard, Encinitas.

I did some research and this is the fourth San Diego location operated by the Feast Restaurant Group. They have another North County location across from the outlet stores in Carlsbad in the plaza that houses PF Changs and King’s Fish House.

The best reference I could give you is think Panera with better food and a real kitchen. I used to work for Panera and have nothing but positive things to say about my experience but I also know fresher ingredients when I eat them. Plus, working kitchen.

The interior is simple and clean. You order at the counter and then your food is brought to your table when ready. Pretty straight forward Fast Casual Dinning. I do not have any interior pics due it being somewhat busy and ripping one-off the web is always dicey.

They serve a full range of breakfast items from eggs, pancakes, and oatmeal. As well as sandwiches, salads, Pastas and chili. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are open till about 8 or 9pm.

I was down there at lunch time for my appointment so went the Sandwich and salad route.

salad (1 of 1)

Harvest Salad ~ chicken, field greens, green apples, toasted walnuts, cranberries and bleu cheese with raisin pecan sweet crisps and balsamic vinaigrette.

This was the smaller “cafe” size and it was big. It was everything I like in a salad, lots of different textures, great quality field greens, and I really liked the raisin pecan crisps. It was better than any salad I have had at Swami’s.

The bread that came with it was also really good.

sammie (1 of 1)

Uptown Turkey Avocado Sandwich ~ Smoked turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on whole grain harvest toast.

Great sandwich, lots of Avocado, Turkey and again, great bread. I should have re-plated it to show it better but I already get enough looks for spinning my plate around and taking like 10 pictures.

This was a lot of food, but they have combos available where it would be smaller portions of both.

Oh, they also have great lemonade and Iced tea. Hibiscus lemonade Arnold Palmer for the win. I love quality lemonade.

If you’re in the area they are a good quality option for a meal.

Probably my last post or next to last post for the month as I just had to throw some groceries away because I have not been eating in and I have to go through my groceries before I lose more.

Corner Bakery Cafe

1476 Encinitas Boulevard, Encinitas.

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Moto Deli ~ Encinitas


Moto Deli has finally opened their brick and mortar location in Encinitas at 810 North Coast Highway. The location formerly housed the Sub Palace. They must have run into some snags because I have been following the build out for a while.


Build out starts ~ October 2015


The end result ~ nice modern exterior.


You order at the counter and your meal is brought to your table.

The service was very friendly and knowledgeable.


In addition to a small interior seating area they have a patio with gas heating. The building is a historic building, all the beams you see are original. This may have led to the long build out as seismic retrofitting may have been required.

The menu consists of starters, salads, and open and close faced sandwiches. All their meats are roasted, cured, smoked, poked and prodded in-house. OK I don’t know if they poke or prod anything but if its required I’m sure they do:). They also make all their condiments, pickles and chips.

Their motto is “Our sandwiches are not engineered with over powering condiments, cheap chemical additives, or assembled to be anything more overtly garish than the sum of its parts. If singular ingredients don’t shine on their own, they have no chance of performing any better when layered together.”

It shows in their final product.


Spanish Pulpo ~ braised octopus, papas, evoo, smoked paprika

Perfectly cooked octopus and potatoes. Maybe a bit too much evoo but that is nit-picking.


Cubano ~ pork belly, turketta, aged cheddar, muenster, pickles, mustard, sourdough

Brilliantly elevated version of a classic cuban sandwich. All the ingredients were spot on and balanced perfectly. My plan was to take half home..that didn’t happen. served with house made pickle and chips.

So, was it worth waiting over a year for? Yes it was.

Moto Deli

810 North Coast Highway, Encinitas

The Miller’s Table ~ Open 6 Days A Week Starting Thursday.

The Miller’s Table will be open 11am till 9pm 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays) starting September 29th.  Come on by.


The Millers’s Table ~ 514 South Coast Highway, Oceanside.

Taste from a changing selection of wine and beer at Our Table in Oceanside, CA.  The Miller’s Table offers an array of fine wines and craft beers. We also serve sandwiches, fresh salads and small plates with cheese & charcuterie to pair. Whether you are having some me-time or spending the day with friends or neighbors, you can count on us to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

At The Table we have an ever changing selection of Wine and Beer Flights.  Each Wine is available to enjoy By the Glass or Bottle as well…plus if you fall in love, take a bottle home.  Six hand-picked drafts to choose from…rotating selection, plus bottles, all by taste or glass.  Please see our Facebook Page for this week’s selections….or better yet, come on by!

The Miller’s Table

514 South Coast Highway, Oceanside


Pelly’s Fish Market & Cafe ~ Carlsbad

So, I’m surprised I didn’t write about the wonderfulness that is Pelly’s before now. I love seafood, but I am very picky when it comes to it. Growing up fishing with a Dad and older brother who were avid fishermen, you become accustomed to very fresh seafood. I was craving fish and a shrimp cocktail and wanted something above the quality of most places in North County. I wanted a good selection to choose from and also did not want to spend a ton.

I was craving fish and a shrimp cocktail and wanted something above the quality of most places in North County. I wanted a good selection to choose from and also did not want to spend a ton of money. Fish 101 was an option as well but I had recently visited them unlike Pelly’s.

Pelly’s has been around since the late 80s providing fresh seafood at their market / cafe in Carlsbad.

Pelly-s exterior

Pelly’s Fish Market & Cafe 7110 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad.

Though 100 times smaller than Catalina Offshore Pelly’s fish selection stands up to anyone as far as quality and freshness.

Pelly-s fish market

Some of the daily fish selection, not cheap but you get the quality you are paying for.

Pelly-s interior

Simple cafe interior, they also have outside seating wich was packed on the day I went, so I opted to sit inside.

Their menu is pretty simple offering a number of seafood cocktails, fish sandwiches or plates, as well as tacos.

I am a sucker for a great shrimp cocktail so that is what I started with….

Pelly-s shrimp cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail ~ Simplicity at its best.

Perfect shrimp, a little cocktail sauce, and a squeeze of lemon and life is good.

After seeing some of the most beautiful swordfish I have seen in a while in their fish case, I was tempted but decided on the fresh Alaskan Halibut instead.

Pelly-s Halibut plate

Alaskan Halibut ~ Dill butter, spicy rice, and a side salad.

Perfectly flaky halibut. Again great ingredients with a simple preparation.

If you want great seafood in the Carlsbad area I would head down to Pelly’s off of Poinsettia and grab some fresh fish to cook at home or eat in their cafe.

Pelly’s Fish Market & Cafe

7110 Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen ~ Carlsbad

After a morning at the Oceanside Social Security office, which went surprisingly fast, I decided to grab lunch at a place that had been on my visit list for a long time.

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen has been around for a couple of years located in the Plaza Paseo Real at the corner of Aviara and El Camino real. The concept is similar to Tender Greens, providing fresh, mostly regionally sourced food, in an upscale, fast casual environment.

tin leaf ext

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen ~ 6985 El Camino Real #108, Carlsbad.

Tin Leaf has done well enough serving lunch and dinner that they opened a sister restaurant “Beach Plum Kitchen”, which serves breakfast and early lunch, in the upper level of the same plaza.

The service at Tin Leaf is counter order, with the food brought to your seat. They also serve wine and beer.

tin leaf int

Counter Service ~ not my photo. Photo by Jana M.

tin leaf salad

Mixed Field Green Salad ~ Greens, tomato, cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette.

Nice, fresh salad with a good dressing. I had wanted to order an add-on salad instead of the full but there was some miss communication. I decided to roll with it because I like my greens.

tin leaf tri-tip

Santa Maria tri-tip, spicy Asian green beans, and curried couscous salad.

This was a great meal. the Tri-tip was tender and a perfect medium rare and while my protein is usually the first thing to disappear off the plate, this time, it was the sides. I loved both the beans and the couscous, fresh and full of flavor.

Usually, my friend and I hit up Notorious Burgers before seeing a movie at the nearby Cinopolis theater. We will probably alter back and forth now with Tin Leaf.

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen

6985 El Camino Real, Carlsbad.

11am – 9pm

Chef Promotion @ Petite Madeline

So, Marc Santos who has been holding down the Sous Chef position at Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro for the last 4 or 5 months, has officially been promoted to Chef De Cuisine. AKA Executive Chef.

image1 (1)

This is well deserved. Christine has let Chef Marc run the weekly and weekend brunch specials for a while now and his talented shows. I have had a lot of these and this promotion came as no surprise to me.

Here are some of his specials that I had…

port melt

Portobello Mushroom w / herb beading, Provolone cheese, baby spinach, and bang bang sauce on a rustic bread bun. Side Kumquat and mint salad.

Smoked Turkey Omelet


Smoked turkey, spinach, caramelized onion, and mozzarella omelette

blue plate special

Blue Plate Special, seared tuna, quinoa salad, cooked apples, fresh local strawberries, sun dried tomatoes, poached egg.

Chef Marc will also be part of the 608 / North County Food Chefs dinner at 608 Tuesday August 9th.Tickets available by calling  608.

Chefs dinner mock

Petite Madeline Bakery & Bistro

223 North Coast Highway, Oceanside


Quick Bites – ND Banh Mi Oceanside

The other day I stopped by for a quick lunch to go at the recently opened ND Banh Mi in Oceanside. Last year I worked down in Linda Vista for a while, where there are a lot of Vietnamese and other Asian places that I frequented for lunch. That’s where I first encountered bánh mì, the Vietnamese-with-French-influence sandwich served on a baguette roll. So I was delighted to learn that a bánh mì shop had opened in Oceanside at the corner of Oceanside Boulevard and College Ave.

The place is very small, with just waiting couches inside and only 3-4 tables outside to eat at. It is really more oriented as a to-go place, which was fine with me since I was on my way home from shopping nearby. It’s set up like a typical sub sandwich shop, with a glass prep area were you can watch your sandwich being made and kibbitz about toppings and such. (Anyone know the Vietnamese word for kibbitz?)

I ordered the #1 House Special sandwich, which came on a house-baked baguette roll with several kinds of pork: Roasted and sliced, a marinated style, ham, and some sort of pressed sandwich loaf that I don’t know the name of. It also had the traditional pork paté spread on the bottom, though it could have used a bit more of that in my opinion.


The House Special sandwich. Super fresh toppings, just the right amount of meat.

I got my sandwich with all the traditional toppings, which include pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, sliced jalapenos, and a smear of that delicious Asian style mayo. I assume they use Kewpie brand, or maybe they make their own, I didn’t think to ask. It’s a lot better than regular American mayo.

The sandwich was quite tasty and reasonably priced, and was plenty by itself for a filling lunch. I had heard there might be a bakery side of the place, but I didn’t see it. It might have had a different entrance, because the main sandwich area was small and I didn’t see anything on display for purchase, just the rack behind the sandwich station.  I also ordered a couple of egg rolls that were okay but unremarkable. The strong, sweet iced Vietnamese coffee was delicious. I’ll definitely be returning here to try out more of the menu.


The sandwiches are about 7″ long and were plenty filling for a lunch meal.


ND Banh Mi
4160 Oceanside Blvd Suite 169
Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 726-4650

Words and photos by Jason G

Quei Bravi Ragazzi rebranding to QBR Francesca Italian Deli ~ Encinitas

QBR in Encinitas is rebranding and launching their new concept Friday evening September 25th.


You can see my original post about them here.




QBR Francesca Italian Deli

90 N Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, California


Good On YA Deli & Better Buzz Coffee ~ Encinitas

Good On Ya deli has had a place in Kerny Mesa since 2001, they recently opened a location is Encinitas. They are a straight forward Sandwich shop that uses organic, non-GMO ingredients.


GoodOnYa ~ Encinitas

I love a great sandwich, they are simple things that can be heavenly. Saying a sandwich is just something between bread is like saying War and Peace is just words on paper. Like any great dish it’s about the balance of ingredients and how they play off each other.
Good On Ya makes a really good Sandwich.


Cold Pressed Ice Coffee

I love ice coffee and cold pressed makes all the difference in the world.


Roast Beef Sandwich #1 on Sourdough ~ Roast Beef, Jersey Cheese, Mushrooms, PK Mayo, Tomato – Grilled

Every ingredient was top-notch and fresh, though not cheap my Sandwich and Iced Coffee ran $17 total.

Better Buzz Coffee, a San Diego based coffee roasting company, recently opened their Encinitas location on Coast Highway. Man the place was blowing up and running like a well oiled machine. It had a polished feel without feeling like a Starbucks, you could just tell they were delivering a good product. They are at ground zero for coffee places being in Encinitas but they are going to be fine even with all the competition.

buzz ext

Better Buzz Coffee, Encinitas. Nice open feel

buzz int

buzz counter

These pics do not show it much but it was slammed the whole time I was there.

buzz menu


Just having a coffee earlier I opted for the Pink Dragon Smoothie, probably tied with my favorite smoothie ( Purple haze at Banana Dang!)


Pink Dragon Smoothie ~ totally forgot what was in it but it was really good and all organic.

If you’re in the area check them out even just to see how a busy business should run.


1051 South Coast Hwy 101,
Encinitas CA 92024
(Just north of J Street in Downtown Encinitas)

Better Buzz Coffee

578 S. Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, CA 92024

Fish 101 ~ Leucadia

Fish 101 in Leucadia has been on my list of places for a while, The Chef / Owners John and Jessica Park are highly thought of in the North County Chef community for producing fresh, local, well prepared food and John’s name had been brought up to me a few times when planning the North County Chefs’ Dinners. I was in the area so decided to stop by and have lunch on a slightly overcast afternoon.

101 ext

John was a sushi chef at cafe Japengo in San Diego. Chefs Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent as well as James Montejano of La Valencia are also Japengo alumni, if you get a chance ask them about it; pretty wild times. After Japengo John was Chef Co-Owner of Tokyo Go-Go a popular sushi spot in San Francisco before opening Fish 101.

Jessica Park worked at Home in San Francisco previously and creates all of 101’s house made desserts.


The restaurant uses a counter order service model. You order, take a number for your table and sit at either the front or back patio or indoor seating area. This is fine when slow but leads to lines out the door on weekends. Though it does move quickly.

The menu consists of fresh oysters, a catch of the day, which can be served as a sandwich, tacos, a plate with sides or on any salad, plus fish and chips as well as few other items and daily house made desserts. They have a good beer and wine list and a happy hour that runs Tuesday to Friday from 4 to 6 and features $1 fresh shucked oysters.

101 halibut

Local Halibut, Grilled Romaine Salad with Crutons, Asiago, Fried Capers, and Lemon and Garlic Anchovy Dressing.

The Halibut was a thin filet and I was worried it would be overcooked but it came out perfect. I did not use the tartar sauce and ate it with just a little lemon.

The dressing for the salad was a little tart and could have been balanced better, I think it was too heavy on the capers, chopping up the salad helped it not be too overpowering for the Romaine.

101 halibut 2

Salad post chopping.

I also had an Arnold Palmer made with their house made lemonade which was very good.

Fish 101

468 N. Coast Hwy 101
Leucadia, CA 92024


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