Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi ~ Carlsbad

The last time I was at Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi was back in 2014 a few weeks after they opened. I have been meaning to go back and explore the menu a little more but you know, stuff. So, when they reached out to me I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed my friend Chef Beau to tag along. It is always good to have a backup palate.

If you did not know, Blue Ocean is operated by the same group that owns Love Boat Sushi and their five locations around San Diego County. They opened Blue Ocean in 2014, offering an expanded menu and unique setting. More recently they opened Pokewan next door, serving poke bowls in a fast casual setting.

On a tangent, if you like poke, I would highly suggest Pokewan. In my opinion they are the best of the fast casual poke places around and benefit from being attached to Blue Ocean and their sushi bar. The quality of the seafood puts them above the competition. Hint, get your bowl with cucumber noodles instead of rice, it makes for an extremely light and refreshing treat.

OK, back to Blue Ocean…

int 1 (1 of 1)

The interior was designed by Bells & Whistles who have also designed Starlight, Smoking Goat, and Bracero. I love the design, its modern without being sterile and has a very sexy vibe to it.

int 2 (1 of 1)

The restaurant boasts a 20 seat sushi bar in addition to the dining area.

The menu is large enough to offer variety without being overwhelming. In addition to a great sushi menu, offering a nice selection of rolls, nigiri, and sashimi, the menu also offers small plates, specialty dishes, and desserts. A robata menu starts at 4pm offering traditional Japanese charcoal grilled meat, seafood, and vegetable skewers.

bao (1 of 1)

Bao Bao Buns ~ glazed pork belly, napa cabbage slaw, spicy mayo.

I love Bao and pork belly so this was a no brainer. Perfect, melt in your mouth pork wrapped inside soft fluffy bao. The thing that pulled it all together though was the slaw. It was not mayo heavy like a lot of slaws and provided the needed crunchy element and a nice hint of heat.

duck (1 of 1)

5 Spice duck Tacos ~ Coconut scallion crepe, mint napa slaw, hoisin lime, fried ginger.

Another great dish. The use of a crepe instead of the overused fried won ton as the taco shell was great. The duck was tender and flavorful with the slaw making another appearance, though this time sporting a different flavor profile. To quote Beau “the kitchen knows what they are doing”.

sashimi (1 of 1)

Screaming Yellow Tail ~ ponzu, crispy garlic, olive oil, cherry tomato, sweet onion.

Now things started to get serious. Lovely yellow tail in a very tasty and interesting sauce. It is one of those dishes that when you first taste it you get one thing, in this case sweetness from the ponzu, then as you eat it your palate starts picking up more and more depth. Beau actually broke out his phone and took notes. The consensus was the oil the garlic was cooked in was then poured over the dish slightly searing the fish adding smokiness and depth. This was recommended by our server and rightfully so.

albacore (1 of 1)

Albacore Delight ~ Albacore and krab mixed with miso sauce, cucumber, crunch powder
Topped With ~albacore, avocado, green onion (chili oil, ponzu).

This is my go-to roll. I am not usually a roll person, I like nigiri and sashimi, this is the exception. I always ordered it at Love Boat Sushi (which is where I discovered it). I will go so far as to say this is my favorite sushi roll ever and anywhere. I know, big statement and that includes the local big players as well as nationally. Note I said “roll”. The reason is it ticks all the boxes for me, it is light with a hint of sweetness and then you get heat (that is not overwhelming) from the chili oil. If you want more heat just dip the piece into a little more chili oil. Truly a joy to eat.

I was really glad I revisited Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi. I knew it was going to be good but it actually exceeded my expectations. They have a really good happy hour and the atmosphere really makes it a good choice for a date or night out.


Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi

2958 Madison St., Carlsbad

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Vegan Sushi @ Wrench & Rodent ~ Oceanside

Sushi ~ a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.

Davin Waite has been regarded as one of the best sushi chefs in San Diego for quite some time now. Not only is his culinary skill recognized by the diners of his restaurants ( previously the Fish Joint and now Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub) but also among the Chef community in San Diego. He has, just through recognition of his talents by others, become an example of the strong culinary scene that has developed in North County over the last 5 to 6 years. I’ll stop there because you do not have to look hard to find similar accolades in various publications and websites touting his virtues and those of his food.

Lately, he has been expanding his efforts in creating increasingly diverse and complex vegetarian and vegan dishes. He has always had these options on his menu, or made dishes off the cuff for guests if requested, but I feel lately it is becoming more forefront.

With this in mind, I stopped in for a vegan omakasi meal, though a few fish dishes made their way to me as well as I am an omnivore and will eat anything he puts in front of me.

cabbage (1 of 1)

Black pepper burnt cabbage nagiri.

A ton of flavor in these little guys. The preparation of the Cyclops Farms organic cabbage gave it a smokey flavor, making it a very savory dish.

tomato and duse (1 of 1)

Dulse (seaweed) and tomato.

Another savory bite. The Dulse has a flavor that some compare to bacon, and while I did not get that 100%, it was a nice contrast against the sweet tomato.

beet (1 of 1)

Barbecued beet with eel sauce.

Looking and tasting very close to eel nigiri, the texture of the beet was firmer differentiating itself and making this an interesting and tasty treat.

avocado (1 of 1)

Avocado, chili garlic, and chili oil.

lightest of the bites the avocado contrasted perfectly with the spice from the chili components on the dish.

All these dishes were interesting, exciting, and delicious. Wether part of an all vegan dinner or strewn throughout a regular omakase meal they will not disappoint.

As I had said, Davin threw in a fish dish before I even had a chance to order and I ordered a cooked dish from “The Whet Noodle”, his adjoining sister restaurant to Wrench & Rodent, just to bulk up the meal.

opah (1 of 1)

Opah ~ Beet mash, kale kraut, lemon grass glaze, and lemon grass ash.

Opah is one of my favorite fish. This dish, especially the lemon grass glaze, made the fish shine. It does not look bad either:)

yellow tail (1 of 1)

Yellow Tail ~ Hatch chili romesco, herb quinoa, and fried okra.

Perfectly cooked yellow tail, a great sauce, and the best okra I have tasted. Another winner.


Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub

1815 South Coast Highway, Oceanside


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Birdseye Kitchen Lunch Report, Plus New Openings, and Coming Soon. ~ Encinitas

So, I was in Encinitas yesterday afternoon walking the 101, north of Encinitas Blvd. and decided to have lunch at Birdseye Kitchen after my first choice was closed (more on that later).

Birdseye Kitchen is a smallish cafe serving both Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. So after my first place did not pan out I made my way inside for what turned out to be a nice lunch.

birds eye kitchen exterior

Birdseye Kitchen ~ 504 North Highway 101, Encinitas

birds eye kitchen int

It is nice there main front window rolls up to give the dining room plenty of light and fresh air, especially on a hot day like Friday.

birds eye pork cheek

Pork Collar ~ Pork collar and bang bang sauce.

A simple dish of tender yummy pork with a great sauce to go with it.

birds eye Green papaya salad

Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

As good of an example of this dish as you can get. Light and full of Umami. I ordered an 8 on the spicy scale and it had a nice kick to it without overpowering the other flavors.

Birdseye Kitchen

504 North Coast Highway, Encinitas

As I was saying I had an original lunch destination. I had planned on hitting up a new Sushi and Bento box place that just opened called Ajito. It is the sister restaurant to one of the best Sushi places in all of San Diego, for traditional Sushi, Kaito in Encinitas. Unfortunately, the owner has taken some time off to spend with the family so they will not be back until August 22nd.

Ajito ext

The building on the left of Fully Loaded Juicery is the “blink and you will miss it” Ajito.

Ajito sign 2

Ajito sign

The only signs.

Culture Brewing

Making my way to downtown Encinitas it appears culture Brewing is set to expand to a third tap-room. There were a few small Culture Brewing signs, a permit application notice in the window, and a large fan blowing along the floor like it was drying sealant. The space is next to Vuori Yoga Clothing on Coast Highway, Encinitas in the 600 block.

Just a mural I liked.

frog mural.jpg

Have a great weekend.

Sugoi Sushi & BBQ~ Carlsbad

Would you eat it in a boat? Would You it with a goat? Would You eat it here or there? Would you eat it on the second floor of the women’s Macy’s at the Carlsbad mall?

Sugoi is a Carlsbad restaurant serving sushi, Japanese food, and Korean Bulgogi in the Carlsbad mall. I had heard good reviews and the location choice had my interest, so I decided to check them out.

ext 1

Luckily they have a sign out front or you would never know they were there.

The Carlsbad mall is going through a remodel, lots of vacancies, no more Orange Julius, or Disney store. Except for jeans I never shop brick and mortar anymore due to Amazon Prime and New Egg.

ext 2

Scrunched between Women’s denim and Tommy Hilfiger lies the restaurant.

int 1

Nondescript clean interior.

int 2The menu is a little all over the place. The Sushi menu focuses heavily on rolls, though they have Nigiri and Sushimi.

What I ordered.

Nigiri Albacore

Albacore Nigiri. this was a fine version of nigiri. The fish was fresh and rice was fine. I would never put it at the level of Wrench and Rodent, Harney, Loveboat, or any serious sushi place, but it was solid.


Mixed Tempura. The tempura batter was light and crispy. Shrimp and vegetables were cooked perfectly, a fine example of the dish.


Bulgogi. The main thing about the joy of eating Korean food is the plethora of side dishes that come with the meal. The lack of Kimchee is a big downer. The meat itself was tasty and tender but reminded me a lot more of beef teriyaki than Bulgogi. I ate it, I just would not go in expecting authentic Bulgogi. The Miso soup was good.

So, my curiosity has been sated. I do want to mention my service was very good. I am not saying go here now. If you find yourself at the Carlsbad mall for whatever reason and are peckish Sugoi is surely a better option than Hot Dog on a Stick (though they have great lemonade), or another food court choice.


2599 El Camino Real

2nd-floor Macy’s Women’s

Carlsbad, Ca


August Events ~ North County

Lots of great food events coming in August. Here are some of the major ones.

Chefs dinner mock

Tuesday, August 9th at 7PM. Only 12 seats left. call 608 @ 760291-1040 for reservations.

Flying Pig 1 year aug 7th

Flying Pig’s 1 Year anniversary. Starts at 10am Sunday, August 7th.  Vista location.

Culinary surprises will abound, I’m sure.

belching beaver

Belching Beaver’s Oceanside Taproom opens with a limited edition Sour and food. Festivities start at 1pm.

gc mead dinner

Gold Coast mead is hosting a limited seating (20 people) farm to table dinner and mead pairing. Aug 18th @ 6pm.

Wrench and rodent event

Cool stuff at Wrench and Rodent August 21st.


608 Restaurant 

Flying Pig, Vista

Belching Beaver

Golden Coast Mead

Wrench and Rodent

Oceanside Sunset Market ~ Vendor Spotlight and Picture Essay

Having been a volunteer with Mainstreet Oceanside for about a Year and a half now, I know how much work goes into running the Thursday Markets. There are two the smaller more produce driven morning market and the night “Sunset Market” which features more of a street fair environment with live music, artists, and food. I have been to two over the last month or so and the crowd volume has picked up for the summer.

market 1

market 4

Pretty much this crowded the whole time. I love these two ladies in the second pic…I’m not taking pictures of you get over it, my camera was over my head “say anything boom box style” snapping crowd pics.

Now there are about 180 vendors for the markets and i would say 80% if not more are food vendors. That is a lot. Not all are good and not all are authentic. I will mention three here that are worth your time.

First is Shwings ~ New style Sushi and wings who i have mentioned before. Having been around for 7 weeks now it is nice to see them settled in and upping their game.

shwings 2

The Shwings menu offerings.

shwings 3

Chicken with pickled watermelon foreground and Bacon Avocado roll in the back.

shwings chicken sushi

Bacon &Avocado roll…great plating

Flaming Salmon 1

Right next door to Shwings is flamin’ Salmon.

Flaming Salmon 2

Hence the name. I had talked with the Owner / Chef about temp control and how the fish does not get dried out..his answer 20 years experience doing this in Germany.

flaming salmon 7

flaming salmon

Good stuff.

So the real reason I went down was to talk with Cheryl of Cheryl’s caramels

Cheryl hand makes her candy here in Oceanside in small artisanal batches. They are Gluten, nut, chemical, and preservative free. She makes 9 flavors ranging from Old Fashioned Caramel to Ginger Bread and Raspberry.


caremels service

Cheryl at her booth.

She used to work in the corporate world doing graphic design and marketing,. you can tell her booth screams vintage quality candy. She is also a great person and passionate about her product. The visuals draw you in and she sets the hook and reels you in with her personality.

caremels product

caremels cup

Went home with the “Old Fashioned” caramels. Perfect melt in your mouth rich flavor.

caremels me

Cheryl and some writer hack:)

There will be more about Cheryl and her product soon, also I heard good things about the Perogies near by and did not get a chance to check them out and want to hit up Olivia’s Kitchen for some African food (I love goat and it is hard to find)

night market_

The market at Sunsetish.

night market  2


Flamin’ salmon

Cheryl’s Caramels





ShWings new sushi and wing house ~ Oceanside

So, it is hard enough to strike out on your own in the restaurant industry and open your own place, even with years of experience, add moving to a new state and not having a location, that must be pretty daunting.

That is just what Chef Ryan Turk and Nijela Shama have done. Taking a concept they believe in and creating ShWings ~ New Sushi and Wing House. Ryan creates and developes the food and Nijela runs the Marketing and Social Media. I always find partnerships like this work best. Examples would be Mark and Kim Millwood of TBG, Davin and Jessica at Wrench and Rodent and loads of others.


Ryan has years of experience under his belt working as a Chef for the Caesar’s Palace organization in Las Vegas. Rotating around to assist as the “”Celebrity Chef” restaurants come in. Basically being available to fill in to any position needed, when needed, and dealing with extreme volume. Most recently he worked at the Vegas Outpost of famed New York steak house Old Homestead.

homestead h line int

Old Homestead Steak House LV

After 3 years in Las Vegas and a little convincing from family and friends Ryan decided to move to San Diego, North County and pursue his passion and ideas.


As a proof of the concept they have started at local Farmers Markets and breweries, like Oceanside’s Thursday Night Market pictured above.

The idea he has is for a non-fish based Sushi and Wing House….now right there the concept makes some people think hmmm…yet the idea is new and traditional at the same time.

Sushi simply means “cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients” though most familiar preparations include some kind of fish, even traditional Japanese Sushi houses have dishes like Tamago (egg) and inventive chefs have pushed the envelope for years to include ingredients like Kobe Beef and vegetables to their rolls or nigiri.

bacon roll

Bacon Roll ~ Bacon, cucumber,ginger,


Gochujang Wings with Asian Slaw

The wing concept is a perfect match as well, as Japanese fried finger foods have been around forever. I mean Chicken Karaage is Japanese fried chicken and an American version of that as a companion to Sushi featuring bacon and other Savory ingredients makes sense.

I have a huge standard for wings and these were great. Panko breaded for a light crispy taste, moist chicken and a sauce with depth. Slaw was on point too.


Ryan will have to explain his concept to customers from time to time, and while I was visiting them at the night-time market he did have to balance the role of Chef and showman. In the end though the food speaks for itself.


Wings being seasoned, sauce going.

I really like these guys and am excited to see where they go. Right now they are at a few North County Markets and breweries which you can track through their web page and Facebook. I will also throw up any info on the northcountyfood facebook page.

Proposed Openings Around Oceanside ~ AKA Rumors

So a few of these are substantiated and some are through the industry grapevine. until the building permit or liquor license goes up I would treat them as “could be”. Though most come from reliable sources.

Downtown Oceanside.

O'side map 1 final

1. Swami’ plans to expand into the now vacant comic book store space adjacent to the current location.

swamis 1

2. Swamis’ has purchased the old gun shop and space next door (contradicts 1)

swamis 2

3. Barrel republic is opening one of two North County locations. Unlike their original PB location these will serve food. (confirmed construction underway)

4. Some sushi restaurant that is taking forever to build out. i know you can tell I’m excited about this one.

?. Map insert..I walked in on a meeting and have seen build out plans for a North County outpost of Heaven Sent Desserts in the old market near Harbor Freight tools. The building would contain a space for dessert and coffee with possible space for independent wine and cheese shop(s)

market pic

Middle Coast Highway

O'side map 2

1. An out post of Board and Brew is moving in and in addition to their regular restaurant will include a brewery, which is a first for their concept I believe.

board and brew

South Oceanside #1

1. An unknown, and new to the game, brewery plans to open in the Harley shop caty corner to The Privateer. They will not serve food.

Harley Shop

South Oceanside #2

O'side 4

1. Revolution Roasters will open their first coffee shop and eventually move their roasting facility to Oceanside. (Confirmed)

2. Urge Gastropub will open their next location (confirmed) They have been trying to team up with a brewer for a while and this space has enough room to serve as a brewery restaurant (unconfirmed)

So there you go possible and known goings on. Another busy year for Oceanside.

2014 In Review ~ or “A Totally Subjective List”

So, I hate lists because they force you into one answer to what is more than likely a multiple answer question. On the other hand the questions make you think a lot before answering because you only get one choice.

These are the questions I asked myself pertaining to this last year.

What was the most memorable Meal of 2014?
The four course tasting menu at Perfect Pairing in Carlsbad. I had a lot of great meals in 2014 but this tasting menu and wine pairing was perfect from start to finish.

Perfect pairings Logo

Perfect Pairings
300 Carlsbad Village Dr. #120
Carlsbad, CA

Opah Almandine

One of the four courses ~ Moonfish (Ono) Almondine.

Runners Up:
Tie between pre-opening dinner at Masters Kitchen where me and a friend ate through the whole menu and Anarchy Izakia pop up restaurant at Wrench and Rodent.

.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSeabass at Masters Kitchen.

yaki 3

Anarchy Izakia ~Yakitori Salmon belly w / red miso and Opah “tri tip” in porcini butter.

Favorite Chef: Daniel Pundik ~ Local Tap House
Daniel consistently delivers great food and the little “special items” I get to try are fantastic. His dish “Heirloom Carrot Five Ways” was a favorite of the Chefs’ Dinner in November.


Chef Daniel Pundik ~ Great Chef and goof ball:)

Daniel Pundiks' Dishes

Some of Daniel’s dishes (clockwise left to right) ~ Chicken and Waffles, Fried Green tomato w / Pork belly, Geek Salad, “Blue Collar” Burger.

Chefs Dinner 2nd course_

Daniel’s Heirloom Carrot 5 Ways from the North County Chef’s Dinner.

Runner Up: Beau Bonham ~ Masters Kitchen
Beau is one of the most creative and passionate chefs I know, his desserts are always creative and delicious (and he can hold his own on the savory side too).


Chef Beau Bonham.


Some of Chef Beau’s dishes (clockwise starting upper left) ~ Sorbet Trio, Smoked Butternut Squash Ice Cream,  Signature Candy Bar, Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Incredible hole in the wall finds of 2014. ~ Mediterranean Market , Vista

Family run Persian restaurant serving incredibly authentic and delicious food.


Mediterranean Market
1850 Hacienda Drive,
Vista, CA

Runner Up: When pigs Fly BBQ ~ vista

Great husband and wife BBQ competition team serving true BBQ attached to a gas station.

When Pigs Fly 1

When Pigs Fly BBQ
1211 E Vista Way
Vista, CA 92084


My Most Anticipated Opening 2014:  BLVD. Chinese Kitchen and Sake Bar

Just opened in time, though I’ve only scratched the surface of what they are doing they hold real promise and we need good Chinese in North County.

BLVD collage

BLVD Chinese Kitchen and Sake Bar
514 S. Coast HWY
Oceanside, CA

Things I’m looking forward to in 2015:

The continued growth of the North County food scene, hitting up more hole in the walls : Lebanese in San Marcos (thanks to a follower), Mexican seafood attached to a 7/11 in Encinitas, new Thai in Oceanside strip mall. Throwing more Chef Dinners (maybe even some Iron Chef style competitions.)

Odds and Ends

Best Thai Dishes:

Thai Table, Oceanside ~ Spicy Noodles, Thai Garden, Oceanside ~ Tom Yum Soup

collage 1Thai Table                                                              Thai Garden ~ Tom Yum Soup

Best Mexican Dishes:

Primo Market, Oceanside ~ Street Tacos, Lola’s 7 Up Market, Carlsbad ~ Carne Asada Burrito, Mariscos Ensenada, Oceanside~ Seafood.

Mexican coll

Primo’s Taco Trio                          Lola’s Carne Asada             Mariscos’  Aguachile

Best South American:

Panca Peruvian Cuisine and Rotisserie, Oceanside (try their Peruvian seafood dishes and bring home some Aji sauce it’s the Peruvian Sriracha). Runner up: Sabor De Vida Brazilian Grill, Encinitas  (great tri-tip and Brazilian sausage)

South American Coll

Panca’s Tiradito                                                Sabor De Vida’s Sample Plater

Best Pizza:

Blue Ribbon Pizzeria, Encinitas, Close second The Privateer Coal Fired Pizza Oceanside.

pizza coll

Blue Ribbon’s Harvest Pizza                     Privateer’s Arugula and Proscuitto Pizza

Best Burger:

High end: Mission Ave. Bar and Grill, Oceanside (Lamb Burger), Dive Bar Burger: Red Rooster, Oceanside

burger coll

Mission Ave Bar and Grill’s Lamb Burger            Red Rooster’s Rooster Burger

Best Wings:

TBG BBQ, Oceanside ~ Spicy Wings (hands down), Only others that come even close Mission Ave. Bar and Grill’s Caribbean Jerk Wings

wing coll

TBG’s Hot BBQ Wings            Mission Ave. Bar and Grill’s Jerked Wings

Best Cocktails:

Masters Kitchen and Cocktail, Oceanside~ Any drink hits it out of the park and the whole bar staff knows what they are talking about..


Master’s Basil Lemon Drop. I also highly recommend the “Hot Brazilian Monk” though you really cant go wrong with any of their cocktails. It’s amazing what great product, house made syrups, and know how can produce.

Best Beer:

Beer Brewing Company, Oceanside ~ Nano Brewery producing unique and delicious beer.

beer brewing

Best Small Plates:

Solterra, Encinitas ~ Spanish inspired small plates and great wine

solterra coll

Solterra’s Octopus,Mint Fingerling Potatoes         Citrus and Harissa Marinated Olives

Best BBQ:

Tied due to different styles of BBQ: TBG BBQ, Oceanside (Mississippi Style BBQ), When Pigs Fly BBQ, Vista (Texas and KC Style BBQ)

bbq coll

TBG’s Ribs                                      When Pigs Fly’s Brisket and Pulled Pork

Best Sushi:

Wrench and Rodent, Oceanside (innovative fresh sushi), Close second Land and Water Company, Carlsbad.

sushi coll

Wrench and Rodent’s Swordfish Belly             Land and Water’s Octopus

Best Breakfast / Pastry:

Petite Madeline Bakery, Oceanside


              Petite Madeline’s Spinach and feta Croissant Breakfast Sandwich.

Best Coffee and Tea:

Best Coffee: Cafe Ipe, Encinitas. (best coffee I have had) Best Tea: Living Tea, Oceanside (only Kombucha brewery in San Diego and so good.)

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES                                     Living Tea’s “Cherry Bomb” Kombucha

I asked a few Others their thoughts on ~Best Meal in 2014? and What you are looking forward to in 2015? I would love to hear feed back from readers too.

Davin Waite: Chef ? Owner Wrench and Rodent Seabbasstropub ~ ” Hard to pick a best meal but when iole at Panca started to work with seafood that comes close.”  “Can’t wait to see what this town can become (Oceanside)” “Really looking forward to BLVD opening”

Ryan Jubela: Owner Masters Kitchen `~ “Beer Can Chicken at Mammoth Tavern, Chef Kerry Mechler”, “I am looking forward to the continued growth of restaurants in Oceanside.”

Gumaro Escarcega: Program Manager, Mainstreet Oceanside ~ “My best dish this year is – Rim Talay – Any Curry!!! I can’t have enough of this dish…” Im being bias, but I’m looking forward on downtown Oceanside food scene as it develops in the next few years.”

Mark Millwood ~ Chef / Owner TBG BBQ ~ “Market Restaurant’s Tasting Menu”

Christine Loyola: Chef / Owner Petite Madeline ~ ” I want to see someone do something different not just the same old same old” (note I paraphrased her words.)

Anyway, have a great Holiday season and look forward to any of your answers.


As much as I love Thanksgiving……….

After you have had turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwiches all weekend this is where you should be and what you should be eating….Hosted at Wrench and Rodent…Chef takeover. Monday December 1st. Wrench and Rodent Seabastropub Oceanside.