Holme Estate Cellars ~ Oceanside

Two weeks ago Holme Estate Cellars opened their first brick and mortar tasting room in down town Oceanside at 216 N Coast Highway. The Holme Winery has vineyards located in Mount Benson, South Australia and they also produce wine out of Paso Robles, Ca.

The winery is run by the husband and wife team of Julia and Craig Holme. They have both worked on vineyards all over the world from South Africa to South America.

Personally I think we are very lucky they chose Oceanside to open their tasting room.

bar (1 of 1)

The tasting room has a nice light, relaxed atmosphere. I have been to too many that are all dark oak and low lighting.

lounge (1 of 1)

Nice lounge area up front next to the roll up window. Perfect for the coming summer.

No use talking about a winery without talking about the wine. I judge wines like cologne, I want balance from start to finish. The worst thing is a fruit forward wine with no finish or a week start followed by a heavy tannic finish. That is not the case with Holme’s wines they are balanced and delightful.

wine 1 (1 of 1)

2011 Shiraz, Library special release. 24 months in French oak.

A great wine. The extended aging softens the tannins associated with shiraz.

wine 2 (1 of 1)

2015 Rose. Rose used to be what your mom kept a box of in the fridge. Now days they are complex and cover a verity of styles from sweet to dry. This one is on the drier side, yet still has plenty of fruit on the palate.

wine 3 (1 of 1)

2013 Cabernet. A great wine for red meat or duck. If you have not delved into bigger reds this is a great starting point due to the balance.

So, there you have it, Holme Estate Cellars. Go check them out. One of the owners will be there and can walk you through their wine selection.

Holme Estate Cellars

216 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside

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Pop Up Wine Dinner for The New Year ~ Wednesday January 4th, @ The Millers’s Table, Oceanside

The Miller’s Table will be hosting a Pop Up 4 course Wine Dinner January 4th featuring Chef Joy Wesley and Wine Maker Kevin Holt of Beltane Ranch and Winery out of Sonoma County.


The Four Course Northern California menu will feature varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel grown on Beltane Ranch’s estate vineyard.

Beltane Ranch has received multiple awards including ” America’s Best Bed and Breakfast” – Food and Wine Magazine and “Best vineyard Stay In The U.S.” – National Geographic Traveler.

7pm Wednesday January 4th  –  $52 plus tax and tip.

Call The Miller’s Table to reserve – 6 seats left 442.615.7200

The Miller’s Table

Beltane Ranch


Carruth Cellars Tasting Room ~ Carlsbad

Carruth Cellars is an Urban winery based in Solana beach’s Design District. They produce their wines using grapes harvested from northern and central California. Mainly Napa, Sonoma, and Paso Robles. Winemaker and owner Adam Carruth hails from north county, graduated from Carlsbad Highschool, and has been in the wine industry for 18 years.

Carruth opened their Carlsbad tasting room one week ago at 2727 State St. in Carlsbad. While at the Feast event, I heard nothing but good things about their wine from the likes of Davin Waite of Wrench and Rodent, who carries 2 of their wines on his menu, and the ladies from So Rich Chocolates. While I was researching the status of the projects on the 2700 block of State st. I figured I would check them out.


The tasting room is located on the back portion of the building. This sign actually faces the rear alley parking lot of the building. To find it from the State street side, the front of the 2727 address is the soon to be open Baba Coffee, to the right is Campfire restaurant. There is a little walkway in between go down that and they are on the left just after Baba Coffee.


Nice simple industrial interior. Because they are storing wine it is nice and cool inside, a great respite from the heat right now. They have a 15 seat wine bar as well as the lounge area shown.

Want a so sad it’s funny fact? The Solana Beach tasting room has no seats because the ass hats of their city council decided if tasting rooms have seats people will get too drunk. How about you let businesses be responsible and manage their own customers?


Oooh wine.


They have about 15 wines by the glass or you can do a flight ( $2 off during happy hour). They also have a few “off the menu bottles” that if you’re nice the will pour for you. Their bottle pricing runs between $30 and $55 dollars, which is reasonable for the quality of the wine.

What stood out to me.

Their Sauvignon Blanc: 2015, Lake County, Clear Lake and the 2014 Russian river, Bacigalupi Chardonnay, were both great examples of clean crisp white wines that would pair perfectly with sushi, fish, or a light salad.

Though not a huge Pinot Noir fan the 2014, Russian River, Pinot Noir, is a great balanced medium red wine that you could pour with Salmon or non-game red meats, even pork.

I am a big Dessert wine and port person. Unfortunately, Dessert wines and Ports are either great or they suck (overly sweet and clingy ..yuck). In Carruth Cellars case their 2012,Syrah “Emily’s Port” leans towards the great category. though a younger Port, it is rich and complex. This screams for Chocolate or a Cheese plate to pair with it. Afterwards, I found out they have pre-made cheese plates from Vennisimo Cheese. This port or even the first two whites I mentioned would be great with this, though the whites would not hold up if the board contained bigger cheeses like blues or gorgonzola.

Carruth Cellars is a great addition to the little revitalization of the 2700 block of State st. you can go taste some wine, eat a meal (once Campfire opens), and grab a coffee all within 50 feet of each other.

Carruth Cellars

2727 State St., Carlsbad



Coming Soon ~ Carlsbad

The north end of State Street is starting to transform. Two promising looking businesses are moving into the 2700 block. Well three actually.

artist drawing

Artist rendition.


baba coffee

Good job on the render, pretty spot on.

Baba Coffee will also serve Teas and beer funny enough. Plus pastries, sandwiches and the like. Here is a description in their own words.

“Baba coffee bar is situated in the village of Carlsbad, a beautiful open air outpost for food and drink. We pull espresso shots, lattes, mochas, and make a rotating variety of drip coffees as individual pour overs. We also offer iced coffee, tea, a selection of pastries from the amazing VG’s donuts shop, and sandwiches, salads and an array of craft beers.”

The adjoined Carruth Cellars are an “Urban Winery” currently with a location in Solana Beach in the design district. They have great reviews online.

Campfire I have talked about before and my kid like giddiness for them to open. They are currently hiring front of house and back of house (line cooks, dishwashers and the like.) Hopefully they spend three or so weeks training and open mid August-ish. Here is the skinny from them.

“We are a live fire restaurant and cocktail bar focused on using local sustainable ingredients” Ok I had to piece that together for them but it’s their words.

Baba Coffee 2727 State St. Carlsbad (same for Carruth Cellars)

Campfire 2725 State St. Carlsbad.



Solterra Winery and Kitchen Encinitas

Solterra Winery and Kitchen opened about a year and a half ago on Coast Hwy in Encinitas. It is housed in a gorgeous building that serves as a barrel room and restaurant.

The Winery is the run by wine maker / owner Christopher Van Alyea.

Solterra Encinitas Fin



The restaurant is run by Chef Suzanne Williams and focuses on Spanish influenced cuisine.




Olives ~ Citrus and herb marinade


Seared Octopus ~ Octopus, orange mint smashed fingerling potatoes, and pickled jalapeno.

Note ~ This is a knockout dish. I don’t know if it’s on the menu all the time but if it is eat it.

The winery produces three labels of wine

Christopher Cameron vineyards ~ Which uses grapes from Van Alyea Ranch in Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County, CA

Costa Azul ~ Sourced from the northern and central coast of California.

Solterra ~ Grapes from San Diego county, Temecula, and northern Baja, Mexico.

I really like the Solterra 2011 Vognier from Escondido, CA. I find it a really interesting white.